Mivi Collar Flash Pro Neckband Earphones Review: Great Battery Life, Fast Charging, Made-in-India

Alongside DuoBuds M30 (review), Mivi has also expanded its neckband lineup by launching Mivi Collor Flash Pro in India. These earphones come with a dual-battery design, 13mm dynamic drivers, up to 72 hours of music playtime, fast charging, AAC codec support, IPX5 splash-proof, and many more. I have been using these earphones for ten days, and check out my detailed review below.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Box

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Specifications

  • Bluetooth: v5.1
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 meters
  • IP rating: IPX5
  • Driver: 13mm dynamic
  • Battery: 380mAh, Fast charging
  • Playtime: 72 hours
  • Standby time: 250 hours
  • Microphone: Single
  • Charging time: 70 minutes
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V/1A
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Dimensions: ‎46.5 x 1 x 1 cm
  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Materials: Aluminium, Plastic, Silicone
  • In the box: Earphones, USB-C Cable, Extra Eartips, Welcome card
Mivi Collar Flash Pro Earphone

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Design

The Mivi Collor Flash Pro has a flat neckband that sits comfortably on your neck. The neckband is thin but sturdy. It is also flexible and can be bent into any shape. You can even safely keep it in your pockets. These earphones feature a dual-battery design, and two batteries are concealed inside the plastic housing on both ends of the neckband.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Neckband Material

Both battery housings are coated with matte black, and one end has a Mivi branding on it. These earphones are IPX5 splash-proof and can be safely used during the workout but not during rain. Even though the nicknamed is made from plastic, it matches well with the battery housing and looks elegant.

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Mivi Collar Flash Pro Controller

Due to the matte texture the neckband doesn’t attract dust easily. You’ll find an inline controller entirely made from plastic. It includes three buttons – Multi-function button (MFB), Volume up (+), and Volume down (-).

Mivi Collar Flash Pro USB Flap

The controller includes an LED indicator placed between the MFB and the Volume rockers. The left side of the controller has a USB-C port to charge the earphones. The port also includes a flap that protects the port from dust and other small particles.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Microphone

A single microphone is positioned on the rear side of the controller to make/receive voice calls and to trigger the voice assistant on your phone. Although these earphones lack dual microphones, voice call quality is above average, but you need to be a little louder as the microphone may not catch your voice correctly due to single microphone setup. I made a few voice calls, and the person on the other end did not report any issues.

These earphones come with 13mm dynamic drivers with built-in magnets to keep the earbuds attached when not used. The magnets are strong and are good enough to keep the buds together even if you are jogging or on a treadmill. These earphones feature a dual-tone design. The top portion is made from metal with a silver finish, while the bottom portion is made from plastic and has a glossy finish. The earbuds are compact, lightweight, and sit comfortably inside the ears.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Magnetic Earphones

The earphone cables are very thin and have a flat design like the neckband. You need to be careful with the cable as the cable is thin and may break if you forcefully pull them. I have not experienced discomfort or irritation during my testing. Mivi has provided three sets of silicon ear tips, including the one attached to the earphones. So, ensure you have the right ear tips for a more snug and comfortable fit.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Earphones

Like most of the same segment earphones, Mivi Collor Flash Pro also supports voice feedback. You’ll get voice notifications whenever there is an event. Like ‘Paired’ when connected to the phone and ‘Disconnected, Ready to Pair’ when disconnected from a connected device. You’ll hear the ringtone when someone calls you, but these earphones don’t support number announcements like pTron Tangent Urban Wireless.

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Mivi Collar Flash Pro Battery Enclosure

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Features

Audio transfer: If you are on a voice call, you can quickly transfer the call between your phone and Mivi Collar Flash Pro. When you are on a call, press and hold the MFB for 1 second to switch between your phone’s speaker and the earphones.

Dual pairing: The Mivi Collor Flash Pro supports dual pairing and lets you connect this earphone with two smartphones simultaneously. You can connect these earphones to two smartphones or a smartphone and a laptop. To setup dual paring on Mivi Collor Flash Pro:

  • Turn on the Mivi Collor Flash Pro.
  • Connect the earphones to your 1st smartphone. If you have already paired, skip this step.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on the first device. Do not unpair; instead, disconnect it.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth and pair these earphones with your 2nd smartphone. You can also connect to your laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Now, turn on the Bluetooth of your 1st smartphone and connect to Mivi Collor Flash Pro.
  • That’s it. Now, the Mivi Collor flash Pro is connected to both smartphones.

Multi-call: If you are on dual-pairing, this feature allows you to answer an incoming call on your 2nd phone when you’re already on a call on the 1st phone. When you are on call, single press the MFB to put the current call on hold and receive an incoming call on the 2nd phone. At the same time, you can also double press the MFB to switch between the active call and the call on hold.

Voice Assistant: The earphone support Google Assistant, and you can trigger the voice assistant by long-pressing the multi-function button for 1 second. Overall this feature works fine but i observed slight delay in sending the commands to phone.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Earbuds Attached

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Controls

  • Turn on: Press and hold the MFB for 1 second until the LED light glows blue.
  • Turn off: Long press MFB for three seconds until the LED light glows red.
  • Play or pause: Press MFB once.
  • Volume up: Click the ‘+’ button.
  • Volume down: Click the ‘-‘ button.
  • Next song: Press and hold the volume up button for 1 second.
  • Previous song: Press and hold the volume down button for 1 second.
  • Activate voice assistant: Press and hold the MFB for 1 second until you hear a beep sound.
  • Answer voice call: Press MFB Once.
  • Reject voice call: Press and hold the MFB for 1 second.
  • Mute or unmute the microphone: Double press the MFB during the call.
  • Re-dial the last number – Double press the MFB MFB twice in standby mode.
Mivi Collar Flash Pro Earbud Design

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Connectivity

The Mivi Collar Flash Pro supports Bluetooth 5.1 and has a wireless range of up to 10 meters or 30 Feet. To connect the earphones to your phone:

  • Long press the MFB on the controller for 1 second. The LED blinks blue & red and enters into pairing mode.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone or laptop.
  • Select ‘Mivi Collar Flash Pro’ in the list of available devices.
  • Allow access to contacts and Call logs (Optional).
  • Select ‘Pair‘. The LED will glow blue if it is connected successfully.

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Once connected, you can check how much percentage of battery is left in the earbuds right from the Bluetooth settings. Like Mivi DuoPods M30, the Collor Flash Pro also supports AAC audio codec. By default, these earphones use the SBC codec, and you can switch to AAC from the Bluetooth settings. Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and open ‘Mivi Collor Flash Pro’. You’ll get an option called ‘Use High-quality Audio’. Enable this option to activate the AAC codec.

These earphones also support quick pairing. This means these will auto-connect to the previously paired phone if the Bluetooth of the previously paired phone is On and is not connected to any other device. I have tested the Mivi Collor Flash Pro with Reno8 Pro, MacBook Pro, OnePlus Nord, and OnePlus Nord 2T and did not experience any connectivity issues.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Battery

These earphones are backed by dual 190mAh (total 380mAh) batteries housed inside the battery hoists. The batteries are not removable and also not user replaceable. These earphones support fast charging and will give you 10 hours of music playtime with just 10 minutes of charging. According to Mivi, these earphones can offer up to 72 hours of music playtime with 70% volume. Additionally, these earphones can offer a standby time of up to 250 hours.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Battery Enclosures

I have used these fully charged earphones for around seven days for approximately 2 to 3 hours daily. My usage includes a mix of music and voice calls with an average volume of 70%. At the end of the 7th day, I saw about 70% of the battery was left in the earphones, which is impressive. Of course, the battery life depends on various factors such as volume levels, Bluetooth connection, the number of voice calls you receive, etc.

However, you can expect at least 60 to 65 hours of music playtime with up to 70% volume. Additionally, if you run out of battery, the fast charging will come to the rescue. A quick 10 minutes will give you around 10 hours of music playtime. When these earphones are out of battery, you’ll hear a voice prompt “Low battery” and the LED will also glow solid red. You can use any 5V/1A power adapter the charge these earphones. Once fully charged, the LED glows solid blue. You need around 70 minutes to charge these earphones fully.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Opinon

The volume output is loud, and there is plenty of bass. However, the bass overpowers the mids and the highs. Because of the excessive bass, you may feel uncomfortable at high volume levels and if worn for a long time. These earphones are not for those who don’t like too much bass and listen to Indian music more as the vocals and troubles are slightly on the lower side. The microphone quality is good, given the pricing of the earphones.

These earphones don’t support low-latency or gaming mode, so you may experience a slight delay or lag while playing FPS games. So these earphones are not recommended if you are a gamer. If you are someone who likes too much bass and battery life, & fast charging is your priority, I think Mivi Collor Flash Pro is a good choice.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Earphone Design

What I like

  • Flat neckband
  • Light-weight design
  • Great battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Strong bass
  • USB-C port
  • Dual-pairing

What I don’t like

  • No low-latency mode
  • Average instrument separation
  • Single microphone

Mivi Collar Flash Pro

Mivi Collar Flash Pro Price & Availability

Mivi Collar Flash Pro is offered in five colors – Green, BlackBlue, Grey, & Red and is priced at ₹1,499. It will be available via Amazon.in and Mivi’s official website starting 10th September 2022. These earphones come with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects. These earphones are made in India and manufactured in Hyderabad, Telangana. If you have any queries, do let me know in the comments. Follow GizArena on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

Build Quality
Overall Audio
Voice Calls
Comfort and Fit
Value for Money

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Alongside DuoBuds M30 (review), Mivi has also expanded its neckband lineup by launching Mivi Collor Flash Pro in India. These earphones come with a dual-battery design, 13mm dynamic drivers, up to 72 hours of music playtime, fast charging, AAC codec support, IPX5 splash-proof, and...Mivi Collar Flash Pro Neckband Earphones Review: Great Battery Life, Fast Charging, Made-in-India