itel P55T Review: An Ultimate Android 14 Go Edition Smartphone with 6000mAh Battery at ₹8,199

Following the successful launch of the itel P55 5G in November 2023, itel has revamped its renowned POWER series lineup by introducing the itel P55T in India. This smartphone marks a significant milestone as the world’s first device featuring Android 14 Go Edition out of the box. Boasting an impressive specifications sheet paired with a highly competitive price point, I’ve had the opportunity to use the device over the past few days. Read on for my detailed review.

itel P55T Th2

itel P55T Highlights

  • Display: 6.6-inch HD+, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 720×1612 Pixels, 267 PPI
  • Processor: Unisoc T606 Octa-core with i-boost, ARM Mali-G57
  • Memory: 4GB RAM, 128GB UFS 2.2 Storage, Dedicated microSD Slot
  • Rear Camera: 50MP Main, AI Cam, Ring LED Flash
  • Front Camera: 8MP, LED Flash
  • Battery: 6,000mAh, 18W Fast Charging
  • OS: itel OS with Android 14 Go Edition
  • Security: Side Fingerprint Reader, Face Unlock
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM, 5GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C Port, 3.5mm Audio Jack

In the Box

  1. itel P55T
  2. 18W power adapter
  3. USB-C cable
  4. SIM tray ejector
  5. Manuals
  6. Transparent plastic case
  7. Screen protector (Pre-applied)
itel P55T Package

itel P55T Design

Similar to its recent counterparts in the Power series, the itel P55T maintains a consistent design language. The entire body is crafted from premium plastic, providing a satisfying in-hand feel. The rear panel, resembling glass with a matte finish, exhibits an intriguing pattern that changes colors when the device is tilted, adding a cool aesthetic touch. Positioned at the top right, two prominent camera lenses contribute to the device’s overall enhanced appearance.

itel P55T Gold Color

Additionally, there’s an LED ring light that assists the camera in low-light conditions. The itel P55T is available in two colors: Astral Black and Astral Gold. The unit I received for review is in Astral Gold, and it looks absolutely fabulous. Thanks to the matte finish, fingerprints are barely noticeable on the rear panel, contributing to a cleaner and more polished look for the itel P55T. Despite maintaining a highly competitive price, itel has managed to avoid significant compromises in the design of the P55T.

On the left side of the device, you’ll find a triple-slot tray that accepts two Nano SIM cards and a microSD card with a capacity of up to 1 TB. With the smartphone already providing 128GB of storage, the addition of a dedicated slot for extra storage is a nice bonus.

itel P55T SIM Slot

Located on the right side of the device are the power button and volume rocker. The power button comes with a built-in fingerprint reader, providing fast and secure access to the device within seconds. Both the volume rocker and the fingerprint reader are designed for ergonomic convenience, ensuring easy access without the need for extensive finger stretching.

itel P55T Fingerprint Reader

The itel P55T has a weight of around 200 grams and a thickness of 9.2mm, slightly heavier and thicker compared to the itel P55 5G, mainly due to the inclusion of a 6000mAh battery. Despite the added weight, the device doesn’t feel overly heavy, even during continuous use. The camera lenses, though protruding slightly, effectively prevent the device from wobbling on a flat surface. Additionally, there was no noticeable rattling noise when I shook the device.

At the bottom, you’ll find a speaker, a USB-C port, a microphone, and a 3.5mm audio jack. it could have added a secondary microphone to improve voice pickup, but the absence of a dual-speaker setup is understandable, given the competitive price of the phone.

itel P55T USB C Port

The audio output on the itel P55T remains clear and maintains its quality even at high volume levels, with no noticeable distortion. It proves more than sufficient for everyday music playback or loudspeaker calls. The top frame is devoid of any components, as itel has strategically placed all necessary parts in the bottom frame. The entire frame is coated in gold with a subtle matte finish, which gives it a good in-hand feel.

itel P55T Frame

Another unusual observation is the absence of the itel logo. There is no itel logo anywhere on the entire phone. Instead, you’ll discover a small text that reads “Designed by itel / POWER” on the rear bottom left of the device. This text is discreet and can be challenging to notice; you may see it when you tilt the phone at an angle.

itel P55T POWER Branding

itel P55T Display

The itel P55T boasts a 6.6-inch HD+ IPS display with a resolution of 720×1612 pixels, offering a pixel density of 267PPI. A notable alteration from the itel P55 5G is the introduction of a punch-hole camera on the P55T. Despite maintaining the same display size and a 90Hz refresh rate, itel has opted for a punch-hole design, replacing the V-notch, which is a welcomed addition.

itel P55T Display

The screen provides users with two refresh rate options: 60Hz and 90Hz. Furthermore, it includes an Auto-switch Refresh Rate feature, which, when enabled, automatically adjusts the screen refresh rate based on usage to conserve battery life. The bezels on the top, left, and right sides are uniform, but the chin is slightly larger, a common thing in many entry-level smartphones.

The front camera is securely placed within the punch-hole, while a speaker is placed at the center of the top frame. Additionally, there is an LED flash located on the right side of the frame to enhance low-light selfies. The LED light is discreet and nearly invisible, only noticeable when the flash is activated. Although the screen lacks specific glass protection, it comes with a good-quality pre-applied screen protector.

itel P55T Front LED Flash

Overall, the display is well-calibrated, showcasing vibrant and nearly accurate colors. When I tested the display under direct sunlight, it performed impressively. Reading text was easy even with the brightness set to around 60 to 70%. There were no issues with color reproduction from different viewing angles. Similar to the P55 5G, the P55T lacks an auto-brightness sensor.

itel P55T Under Sunlight

Reading indoors is fine, even at lower brightness, but using the device outdoors in bright sunlight poses challenges. If the brightness is low and you unlock the phone in such conditions, it becomes hard to read the screen. Sometimes, finding shade is necessary to increase the screen brightness, as it becomes unreadable in direct sunlight. itel P55T display supports the following functions:

  • Light & dark theme with a schedule.
  • Brightness control slider (No auto brightness)
  • Keep the screen On: Enable/disable
  • Screen timeout: Set a certain time interval.
  • Change screen refresh rate – 60Hz, 90Hz, and Auto-switch Refresh Rate.
  • Eye Care mode: Customize screen intensity and custom schedule.
  • Changeable font sizes – Small, Medium, Large, Larger, and Very Large.
  • Auto-rotate screen On/Off.
  • Lift to check phone: Pick the phone to check time, notifications, and other info
  • Add text on the lock screen
  • Show/hide Internet speed, Battery percentage, and Notification icon

itel has been incorporating numerous useful software enhancements into its new and revamped Power series smartphones. Similar to the implementation found in the latest iPhones, the newly introduced P55T, like the P55 5G, features the Dynamic Bar. This interactive pill-shaped cutout surrounds the front camera and provides stylish notifications for various actions. The front camera expands like a pill to display important notifications such as face unlock, background call, charging animation, charge completion reminder, and low battery reminder.

itel P55T Software

One of the standout features of the itel P55T is its software. Running on Android 14 Go Edition, the latest version of Google’s streamlined Android operating system tailored for budget smartphones. It is also the world’s first smartphone with the Android 14 Go operating system. In terms of appearance and functionality, the Go edition closely resembles the standard edition. Still, Google has omitted certain features to ensure it runs smoothly on entry-level devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

Since the itel P55T comes with 4GB of RAM, you can expect a performance boost and an enhanced software experience. In addition to Android 14 Go Edition, itel has implemented significant changes that almost eliminate the stock Android look of the device. The overall user interface has been replaced by itel’s proprietary software, incorporating a few features to enhance the user experience.

Unlike most phones that include a swipe-right sidebar for Quick Settings or Google Discover, the itel P55T omits this feature. Instead, it offers a straightforward home screen setup where users can place important app shortcuts for quick access. Swiping up provides access to the app drawer, where all installed apps can be found.

The itel P55T comes with essential Google Apps and a couple specifically designed for Go Edition, such as Gallery (Go) and Google (Go). In addition to default itel apps like Notepad, Calculator, AI Gallery, and Compass, the device comes preloaded with a selection of third-party apps, including AHA Games, Carlcare, Hola browser, Facebook Light, Palm Store, Visha Player, and Spotify.

You have the option to delete some of these apps, and others can be disabled if you prefer not to use them. When you access the app drawer, all installed apps are visible. At the top, you’ll find the Recent Apps section. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the recent section from the app drawer.

Similar to the majority of itel Power series phones, itel has substituted the Google Phone app and Dialer app with its proprietary applications. The itel Contacts app facilitates secure backup of your phone contacts to your Google account via its Sync feature, akin to the functionality of the Google Contacts app. The itel Dialer introduces advanced features such as automatic call recording, identification of unknown numbers, call time reminders, the ability to answer and record calls using the fingerprint reader, and flash functionality for calls, among others.

itel P55T Features
  • Downloadable themes and wallpaper from the itel store.
  • Gesture controls: Slide Up/Down, Slide Up with 2 Fingers, Pinch In with 2 Fingers, etc.
  • DTS Sound: Smart, Music, Video Game.
  • Equalizer with manual control.
  • Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot 2.0.
  • Face Unlock.
  • Light effects: Blink flashlight for incoming calls, Notifications, and Charging.
  • Storage cleaner – Clean junk and cache to save storage.
  • Power Boost: Extend battery life by fine-tuning a few settings.
  • Ultra Power Saving, Sleep Standby, and Short Video Optimization.
  • Dynamic Bar: Face unlock, Background Call, Charging Animation etc.
  • AI Smart Charge: Learns from your charging routine and adjusts the charging habits to reduce battery aging.
  • Charging safety protection.
  • Dual Apps: Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.
  • Harassment Filter: Block unknown numbers, Blacklist and Whitelist.
  • Built-in FM Radio (Wow FM).

As it is a Go Edition device, it does not come with the standard Google Assistant featuring OK Google support. Consequently, you won’t be able to execute specific tasks using the OK Google or Hey Google commands. Instead, Google has introduced the Google Go Assistant to assist you with certain tasks using your voice. To activate the voice assistant, you can tap the microphone icon on the Google Widget on the Home screen or open the Assistant app and speak.

Overall, the software experience on the itel P55T is excellent, with effective optimizations by itel for the user interface. The UI operates seamlessly, and the 90Hz refresh rate further enhances its performance. Throughout the review, I did not encounter any UI lag or glitches. Even though itel P55T runs on Google’s latest Android 14 Go Edition, there is currently no information from itel regarding the software update schedule.

It remains uncertain whether the device will receive the next major update, such as Android 15 Go Edition (probable name) or not. There is an expectation that it might release security updates on a quarterly basis for the next two years. Official confirmation from the company is awaited, and we will provide an update once that information becomes available.

itel P55T Performance

The itel P55T is equipped with the Unisoc T606 octa-core chipset, coupled with a Mali-G57 GPU. While the chipset may not be as powerful as those from MediaTek or Qualcomm Snapdragon, it proves sufficient for handling day-to-day tasks smoothly without any hiccups or lags. Additionally, the device runs on Android 14 Go Edition, which utilizes fewer system resources compared to the standard edition, resulting in reduced load on the chipset.

The itel P55T is available in a single configuration, featuring 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. While the device comes with 4GB of onboard RAM, it also supports Memory Fusion (MemFusion) technology, also known as Dynamic RAM in other phones. This means that the 4GB onboard RAM receives an additional boost, resulting in improved user experience and faster app loading times. You may also notice enhanced performance in certain apps.

There are three MemFusion options to choose from: 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB. The device is initially set to 2GB of MemFusion by default. However, you have the flexibility to customize the additional RAM amount through the settings. This can be done by navigating to Settings -> Special Function -> MemFusion.

I’ve used this device as my main phone, and overall, I’m satisfied with its performance. I haven’t encountered any freezing or hanging problems in my day-to-day activities like using social media apps, managing emails, streaming music and YouTube, and more. I tested a few low-resource games like Ludo, Candy Crush, Chess, Clash of Clans, etc., and they worked seamlessly without any hitches. Furthermore, I did not encounter any heating issues during prolonged phone calls.

Regarding security, the itel P55T features a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button. This reader is speedy and responsive. Setting it up was very easy, and it hardly took around 15 seconds. I was able to register my fingers without any issues. You can register up to five different fingerprints. Additionally, the itel P55T supports Face Unlock, and it functions as intended.

itel P55T Display Test

The itel P55T is certified with Widevine L3, enabling the streaming of 720p videos on YouTube. However, due to the absence of L1 certification, streaming HD content on OTT apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., is not supported.

itel P55T Battery

The itel P55T features a robust 6,000mAh lithium-polymer battery with support for 18W fast charging. During my testing, the itel P55T took 3 hours and 29 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent. Notably, it achieved a 50% charge in 70 minutes, 70% in approximately 135 minutes, and reached a full 100% charge in 189 minutes.

itel P55T Charging Test

During the review period, the battery lasted for nearly two days, and by the end of the second day, it was at around 4%. Throughout this period, I performed routine tasks like checking emails, chatting on WhatsApp, taking a few photos, recording short videos, browsing through Chrome, listening to music, watching a couple of YouTube videos, and using Instagram, X, and Facebook regularly. I also made a few voice and video calls over Airtel 4G, as well as using WhatsApp over mobile data. Additionally, I played a couple of games, including Clash of Clans and Alto’s Adventure, a few times.

itel P55T Charger Rating

The device was configured with an Auto refresh rate mode, and only one SIM card (Airtel 4G) was active. The majority of the time, the device was connected to my home Wi-Fi. Overall, I am quite pleased with the battery life, and the 6000mAh battery performs admirably. Since I haven’t utilized Battery Lab features such as Power Boost and Ultra Power saving mode, there’s potential to further extend the battery life by taking advantage of these features.

itel P55T Power Boost Reminder

I’m happy with how long the battery lasts, but it takes a while to charge because the battery is big. As mentioned earlier, itel has included the AI Smart Charge feature, which adapts to your charging habits and adjusts the charging speed to minimize battery aging and ensure safe charging. During overnight charging, the phone reaches a specific level by night and then completes the full charge before you wake up. The battery life of the itel P55T is really good overall.

itel P55T Connectivity

The itel P55T is a 4G-enabled device with Dual SIM/Dual standby support. It is equipped with Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4/5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0, Dual VoLTE, VoWiFi, and GPS features. During my usage with the Airtel 4G network, I did not face any network-related issues. Voice calls, including Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), were clear without any connectivity hiccups. Voice calls were tested for varying durations, extending up to 35 minutes, and the phone maintained a normal temperature without experiencing any heating.

itel P55T SIM Tray

itel P55T Camera

The itel P55 comes with a dual-camera setup at the rear, consisting of a 50MP primary camera and an AI camera. On the front, you’ll get an 8MP camera housed inside a punch-hole. Itel has included various AI features for selfie enthusiasts and short video creators. Most camera features function on both the front and rear cameras, with the exception of a few modes like Ultra HD and Pro, which are exclusive to the rear camera. A noteworthy point is that both front and rear cameras are capable of supporting 1080p video recording.

itel P55T Rear Camera

Another important feature of the rear camera is the Ring LED light, which functions as a smart notification system for essential activities such as incoming calls, social messages, or charging alerts. This means the light flashes when you receive a call or a notification from social media, and so on. There are four LED lights arranged in a circle, aiding in capturing better photos in low-light conditions. Additionally, it can be utilized as a torch.

itel P55T Rear Ring LED Flash

Another addition is the 360° lighting feature. By long-pressing the Torch Shortcut in the Shortcut panel, you’ll be presented with three options: Back Flashlight, Front Flashlight, and 360° Flashlight. The latter option activates both the front and rear flashes simultaneously, which can be quite useful in certain situations.

The overall rear camera quality is satisfactory. However, caution is advised when enabling AI camera features, as they can be hit or miss. It’s challenging to predict how the AI will capture images, as it sometimes produces good results, while at other times, it may soften the image excessively, resulting in bad photo output.

itel P55T AI Camera

I have tested AI detection in various scenarios, and the camera consistently identified objects such as greenery, flowers, sunsets, etc., most of the time. The camera performs admirably in well-lit conditions during the day but encounters challenges in low-light situations. I observed a noticeable amount of noise in photos captured in less illuminated environments.

When the conditions are good, the pictures look nice with bright colors that make them look good. But there could be better ways to capture small details and make the range of colors look even better. The camera does a pretty good job with colors, but it struggles a bit to get the bright and dark parts of the picture just right. Still, considering its price, the camera does a decent job.

The camera hardware in the itel P55T appears to be identical to the one in the itel P55 5G. itel has excluded some features like 4K video recording and Dual-video, while introducing a few additional AI features on the P55T. However, after comparing the two, I did not notice any notable enhancement in camera performance compared to the P55 5G.

itel P55T Front and Rear Camera Features
  • LED ring light on the rear and regular LED flash on the front for improved low-light photos
  • Short Video mode with 12 built-in filters
  • 1080p/720p at 30fps video capture, Time-lapse
  • Face retouching in video recording and intensity control
  • Regular photo mode with smart scene detection and photo filters
  • Beauty mode: AI smart beauty, Skin color, Slim face, Enlarge eye, etc.
  • Portrait mode (No depth control)
  • Other camera modes: Super night, Ultra HD (Rear only), AR Shot, Pro (Rear only), Panorama, HDR
  • Capture photos by touching the screen and fingerprint reader
  • AI portrait enhancer
  • Smile shot
itel P55T Front Camera

The device comes with an 8MP front camera housed inside a punch-hole cutout and also accompanied by an LED flash. The portrait mode makes the background look nice and blurry with good details. Selfies taken with the 8MP camera are good too, but you need plenty of light for the best results. The camera struggles with edge detection, especially when it comes to hair. I’m quite impressed with the overall performance of the front camera; it captures selfies better than I anticipated.

Explore the images taken with the itel P55T below. Kindly be aware that all the images have been resized and compressed for a smoother user experience and faster loading times. As a result, the quality may seem slightly reduced due to compression. All the images were captured using the default camera app.

itel P55T Camera Samples
itel P55T 1080p Video Sample

What I Like

  • Elegant design
  • 90Hz display with punch hole
  • Fluid UI with Android 14 Go Edition
  • Massive 6000mAh battery
  • Excellent battery life
  • Decent cameras
  • Front & rear flash

What I Didn’t Like

  • No auto-brightness option
  • No Dual microphone
  • Average AI features in the camera

itel P55T Opinion

The itel P55T is an entry-level smartphone and the world’s first Android 14 Go Edition device. Priced at ₹8,199, it offers several features that justify its cost. Notable features include a 90Hz display, a 50MP AI camera with front and rear flash, a massive 6000mAh battery, and 128GB of internal storage. However, despite running on the latest Android 14 Go Edition, the device lacks the stock Android feel. The Itel OS also requires an upgrade to enhance the overall user interface, which currently appears slightly outdated. Additionally, the device lacks an auto-brightness sensor.

itel P55T Rear Design

Nevertheless, the price is incredibly attractive at just ₹8,199. Moreover, the device comes with a 1-year warranty, free screen replacement within 100 days of purchase, and a complimentary plastic case in the box, which adds significant value to the device. If you’re in search of an affordable phone with the latest Android version, prioritizing battery life and storage, the itel P55T is worth considering. It currently stands as the most budget-friendly smartphone with Android 14 Go Edition and a 6000mAh battery in India.

itel P55T Case

Itel includes a free transparent plastic case and a pre-applied screen protector in the package. Although the provided case is of decent quality, it may not offer substantial protection against accidental drops due to its fragility. For better protection, it is recommended to opt for a high-quality third-party case. Furthermore, the included screen protector effectively prevents day-to-day scratches but, for protection against falls, it is advisable to use a third-party tempered glass.

itel P55T Pricing, Colors, and Availability

The itel P5T is available in three colors: Astral Black, Astral Gold, and Astral Purple. Priced at ₹8,199, it will be available for purchase at itel partner stores nationwide starting from February 8, 2024. It is expected to be available on Amazon India shortly. The device comes with a 1-year limited warranty, including a one-time screen replacement within the initial 100 days from the purchase date. The itel P55T is manufactured in India as part of the Make-in-India initiative. Please note that currently, the itel P55T is available only in Astral Black and Astral Gold colors. The Astral Purple variant will be made available in the coming days.

itel P55T Full Specifications

Model Numberitel P665T
Display6.6-inch HD+ IPS
720 x 1612 Pixels
90Hz Screen-refresh Rate
180Hz Touch-sampling Rate
ProcessorUniSoc T606
Mali-G57 GPU
OSAndroid 14 Go Edition
itel OS 13
RAM4GB (+4GB Memory Fusion)
UFS 2.2
microSD Up to 1TB (Dedicated)
1080P/720p @ 30fps Recording
LED Flash
50MP (Primary)
AI Cam (Secondary)
Ring LED Flash
720/1080p @ 30fps Recording
18W Charging
ConnectivityDual SIM (2+1 Slot)
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
Bluetooth 5.0
3.5mm Audio Jack
GPS, FM Radio
SecuritySide Fingerprint Reader
Face Unlock
2G: B2, B3, B5, B8
3G: B1, B5, B8
4G: B1, B3, B5, B8, B28, B38, B40, B41(160M)
DimensionsHeight: 164 mm
Width: 76 mm
Thickness: 9.2mm
Weight: 200 Grams
Input:100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 0.6A 
Output: 5V ~ 2.4A, 7.5V ~ 2.4A, 18W Max
SAR ValueCheck here
ColorsAstral Black
Astral Gold
Astral Purple

Disclosure: itel India provided me with the itel P55T unit for review. This review is entirely based on my personal experience and research, without any incentives received for its publication. Please note that the review contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you click on them and make a purchase of the itel P55T.

Value for Money

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Following the successful launch of the itel P55 5G in November 2023, itel has revamped its renowned POWER series lineup by introducing the itel P55T in India. This smartphone marks a significant milestone as the world's first device featuring Android 14 Go Edition out...itel P55T Review: An Ultimate Android 14 Go Edition Smartphone with 6000mAh Battery at ₹8,199