pTron Bassbuds NYX TWS Earbuds Review: Best Non In-ear TWS Earbuds with Transparent Design Under ₹1000

TWS earbuds are becoming more and more popular these days as they offer great portability and wireless convenience. pTron has recently launched its one of the most uniquely designed TWS earbuds called Bassbuds NYX in India. One of the key highlights of the Bassbuds NYX is the transparent charging case with an LED battery level indicator. In this review, let’s check out the design, sound quality, battery life, and other features of the pTron Bassbuds NYX, so you can decide if they’re the right pair of earbuds for you.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Box

pTron Bassbuds NYX Full Specifications

  • Bluetooth: v5.1
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Supported codecs: SBC
  • Noise cancellation: Passive
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Driver: 10mm Dynamic
  • Earbuds battery: 30mAh x 2
  • Case battery: 250mAh
  • Earbuds charging time: Earbuds – 60 Minutes
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V-1A
  • Music playtime: Up to 32 hours with a case
  • USB port: USB-C
  • Microphones: Dual HD
  • Gross weight: 46 grams
  • Dimensions: ‎5.4 x 5.4 x 2.2 cm
  • In the box: Pair of Earbuds, Charging case, USB-C Cable, Welcome card

pTron Bassbuds NYX Design

The Bassbuds NYX is the first earbuds from pTron to feature a transparent design. The charging case has a transparent design, and you can see the earbuds without opening the case. The charging case also includes a LED battery level indicator that helps you check how much juice is left in the charging case. The case is not fully transparent as most of the internals, such as batteries and circuitries, are still hidden inside a neatly designed plastic enclosure.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Front

The most helpful thing about the transparent design is that you can quickly check the earbuds’ status and whether they are fully charged or not without opening the lid. Also, you can quickly check how much battery is left inside the charging case by removing one bud and putting it back. Even though the charging case is made from good quality plastic, it is quite fragile. If you drop it, it is likely to shatter or crack. Even if you don’t drop it, the plastic case can become scratched and scuffed over time, making it look quite unsightly.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Rear

Also, the case magnets are strong enough to keep the case door closed even if you make the charging case face inside down. You’ll observe a slight play and noticeable noise when you shake the charging case with earbuds inside. The overall quality of the charging case is good and feels premium. The charging case design looks very neat, and you’ll not find any screws or fasteners on the entire case. A USB-C port is placed on the front side of the case that accepts a 5V/1A power adapter.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Csae Open

As the charging case includes a small digital display to indicate the charging levels, you’ll not find any other led indicators on the charging case. Once you connect a compatible charger to the charging case, the charging percentage of the case will be shown on the digital display. You can unplug the power adapter when it shows 100% in the display.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Digital Display

Coming to the Earbuds, these are slightly different than most of the previously launched earbuds from pTron. The earbuds are called ‘Non in-ear Earbuds’ or ‘Classic Earbuds’, which differ from the in-ear design. These earphones come in fixed sizes, and there is no way to add ear tips to them. To get the most out of your non in-ear earbuds, you’ll need to ensure they properly fit in your ear.

pTron Bassbuds NYX

Depending on the size and shape of your ear, you may need to adjust the earbuds or try a different pair of earbuds altogether to get a comfortable fit. Once you have a good seal, you’ll be able to enjoy the full sound quality of the earbuds without any leaks. If your earbuds don’t fit properly, they can cause several problems.

First, they may not stay in your ears properly, which can be extremely annoying. Second, they may not seal properly, allowing outside noise to leak in and disrupt your listening experience. Third, they may not provide a secure fit, which can cause them to fall out of your ears while you’re moving around or working out.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Microphone

Both earbuds are light in weight and sit inside the dedicated slots provided in the charging case. Both earbuds are magnetically connected to the charging case and don’t fall even if you make the case upside down with the lid open. The charging case’s lid also comes with a magnet and closes with a satisfying click.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Design

The pTron Bassbuds NYX earbuds come with 10mm dynamic drivers and are IPX4 dust and water-resistant. Only the earbuds are water-resistant, not the charging case. Both earbuds include a built-in touch sensor (located just above the pTron logo) and allows you to control music, accept/reject voice calls, and activate voice assistant. The earbuds are made from premium plastic and have a dual-tone design. The rear portion, including the ear tip, is coated in white, while the front has a black finish with the pTron logo.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Sensor

pTron has provided an arc-shaped LED indicator on both earbuds that tells you the status of the earbuds. These earbuds turn green while charging, and the light goes off once the charging completes. Similarly, once you remove these earbuds from the case, the light on the earbud (anyone) starts blinking and enters the pairing mode. The light goes off once successfully paired with a device.

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pTron Bassbuds NYX Touch Controls

  • Turn on earbuds: Take out the earbuds from the charging case.
  • Turn off earbuds: Place the earbuds inside the charging case / Touch and hold the sensor on the earbuds for 5 seconds.
  • Mode change: Tap the sensor on any earbud three times to switch between music and movie mode
  • Answer a phone call: Touch the sensor on either earbud once.
  • Reject a phone call: Long touch sensor of either earbud for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Music Play/Pause: Touch the sensor on any earbud once.
  • Next song: Touch the sensor on the right earbud twice.
  • Previous song: Touch the sensor on the left earbud twice.
  • Voice assistant: Long touch the sensor of either earbud till you hear voice feedback.

Just like most pTron earbuds, the Bassbuds NYX also doesn’t support volume control through earbuds. This means you can’t adjust the volume on these earbuds by tapping the touch sensors on them. If you want to modify the volume, you’ll need to do it on your phone. By default, these earbuds are set at 50% volume.

pTron Bassbuds NYX USB-C Port

pTron Bassbuds NYX Connectivity

The pTron Bassbuds NYX supports Bluetooth 5.1 and has a wireless range of 10 meters. These earbuds support the one-step pairing. Once paired with a device such as a phone, tablet, etc., these earbuds automatically reconnect with the last paired device. Take out these earbuds from the case, and these earbuds automatically connect to the nearby previously paired device if the Bluetooth of the device is On.

To connect Bassbuds NYX to your phone or laptop, remove both earbuds from the charging case, and these earbuds will power On automatically and pair with each other in two to three seconds. Then,

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Select ‘pTron TWS‘ in the list of available devices.
  • Allow access to Contacts and Call logs (Optional)
  • Select Pair.

Once connected, you can check the earbud’s battery levels right from the Bluetooth settings on your phone. The pTron Bassbuds NYX supports only the SBC codec and doesn’t support the AAC codec. A drawback of these earbuds is that they can only connect to one device at a time due to the lack of dual-paring support. If these earbuds are connected to your smartphone, and you want to use them with your laptop, you’ll need to disconnect or unpair them from your smartphone before using them with the laptop.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Charging Case

pTron Bassbuds NYX Features

Dual microphones: Both earbuds have a dedicated HD microphone for enhanced voice calls. The voice call experience with these earbuds was pretty good. Even though I was in a slightly busy place, the microphone picked up my voice, and the person on the other side did not complain about anything like a voice break or any other sort of disturbance. I also didn’t experience any voice drops or lag during my testing.

However, it’s important to note that passive voice cancellation will not completely eliminate all sound from the outside world. You may still be able to hear some faint sounds, but they should be significantly quieter than if you were using a pair of earbuds without passive voice cancellation. Also, the microphone picks up the wind noise when walking or riding. Overall, the voice quality is decent and is good enough for general usage.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Transparent Design

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Mono mode: Like most pTron TWS earbuds, the newly introduced Bassbuds NYX also supports Mono mode and allows you to use only one earbud. Once paired, place the right or left earbud back into the charging case to use the other earbud in the mono mode. If you want to switch to the stereo mode in the middle, remove an earbud from the charging case, and it will automatically pair with another earbud.

Voice assistant: You can use the touch sensors on the earbuds to activate the Google Assistant on Android phones and Siri on Apple devices. You need to place your finger on the touch sensor on the earbud for about three seconds, and you’ll hear a sound indicating that your phone’s voice assistant is awake.

Audio modes: The Bassbuds NYX support two audio modes – Music mode and Movie mode. The movie mode is nothing but the Low-latency mode. In movie mode, these earbuds improve the latency to prevent voice sync issues while watching a movie or any videos. I did not observe any voice lag while watching a movie in movie mode. These earbuds are not recommended if you use them for FPS gaming and might create latency issues.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Case

pTron Bassbuds NYX Battery

Both earbuds are backed by a 30mAh battery, and the charging case has a 250mAh battery. According to pTron, fully charged earbuds can offer up to 9 hours of battery life which can be further expanded up to 32 hours with the charging case. The earbuds take around 60 minutes to juice up the earbuds, and the case needs around 100 minutes to reach 100% using a standard 5V/1A charger.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Charging

There is no power adapter in the box, but pTron has provided a USB-C cable. You can use your existing 5V/1A power adapter or a power bank to charge the charging case. Make a note that do not charge the case using fast chargers and always use the 5V/1A power adapter to charge the charging case.

pTron Bassbuds NYX USB-C Cable

I have used these earbuds as my daily driver for about a week, and I am extremely happy with the battery life. My usage includes music for a few minutes, about an hour of videos, and a few voice calls. On average, I have used these earphones for about 3 hours per day for seven days. I could see about 25% battery was still left in the charging case, and the buds were 100% charged.

It’s quite hard to tell the exact numbers, as when you keep the earbuds inside the case, it starts charging again. All things considered, the pTron Bassbuds NYX TWS Earbuds offer decent battery life. If you are the sort of user who listens to music for a couple of hours and a few voice calls per day, these earbuds should be able to get you through a week without any issues.

pTron Bassbuds NYX Performance

Regarding sound quality, the pTron Bassbuds NYX TWS earbuds are pretty good. The bass is punchy, and the highs & mids are well-balanced. The sound is clear and concise, with no distortions or crackling even at higher volume levels. Overall, the sound quality is quite good for a pair of budget earbuds. The earbuds also feature passive noise cancellation, which does a decent job of blocking out ambient noise.

pTron Bassbuds NYX

However, it’s not perfect, and there is still some bleed-through from time to time. But overall, noise cancellation is effective and can be helpful in loud environments. Overall, the pTron Bassbuds NYX TWS earbuds have a great design that is both stylish and functional. As I stated above, these are Non in-ear type earbuds, and the fit plays a vital role in the quality of audio output.

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If these earbuds don’t fit your ear properly, the audio leaks out, and you may not enjoy the audio output. Overall, the performance is decent, and I am happy with it. If you’re looking for Non in-ear type TWS earbuds with a stylish design and longer battery life, around ₹1,000 pTron Bassbuds NYX is definitely worth considering and will not disappoint you.

What I like

  • Transparent charging case
  • Digital battery level indicator
  • Balanced sound
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Excellent battery life
  • IPX4 water-resistant

What I don’t like

  • No AAC codec support
  • No volume control support
  • No dual pairing

pTron Bassbuds NYX Earbuds

pTron Bassbuds NYX Price & Availability

pTron Bassbuds NYX comes only in White/Black and will go on sale via for a limited-time price of ₹999 compared to the actual price of ₹1,299. These earbuds come with 1-year limited warranty. You can download the official pTron Bassbuds NYX user manual here. Follow GizArena on Facebook and Twitter for the latest tech updates. If you have any queries, do let me know in the comments section.

Build Quality
Overall Audio
Comfort and Fit
Value for Money

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TWS earbuds are becoming more and more popular these days as they offer great portability and wireless convenience. pTron has recently launched its one of the most uniquely designed TWS earbuds called Bassbuds NYX in India. One of the key highlights of the Bassbuds...pTron Bassbuds NYX TWS Earbuds Review: Best Non In-ear TWS Earbuds with Transparent Design Under ₹1000