pTron Bassbuds Wave TWS Earbuds Review

pTron has recently announced new TWS earbuds called pTron Bassbuds Wave in India. These entry-level earbuds come with various features such as IPX4 rating, Movie mode, DSP Environmental Noise Cancelling, AAC codec support, 40-hours of music playtime and much more. I tested these affordable earbuds for ten days, and here is my detailed review.

pTron Bassbuds Wave full specifications

  • Bluetooth: v5.3
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Supported codecs: SBC, AAC
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Driver: 8mm Dynamic
  • Earbuds battery: 40mAh x 2
  • Case battery: 300mAh
  • Charging time: Earbuds – 60 Min / Case – 90min
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V-1A
  • Music playtime: Up to 40 hours (Total)
  • USB port: USB-C
  • Microphones: Dual
  • Earbud weight: 8g
  • Gross weight: 40g
  • Dimensions: ‎6.6 x 4.6 x 3.1 cm
  • In the box – Earbuds with Charging case, 2 x Eartips, USB-C Cable, Welcome card
pTron Bassbuds Wave Package
pTron Bassbuds Wave Package

pTron Bassbuds Wave design

pTron Bassbuds Wave TWS earbuds include an oval-shaped charging case that has a matte kind of finish. You’ll not find any unnecessary design flair on the case, and the entire charging case is coated with a single colour with pTron branding on the front. Once you open the lid, you’ll get access to the earbuds.

pTron Bassbuds Wave Case
pTron Bassbuds Wave Case

Both of these earbuds have dedicated slots, and built-in magnets help stay them in position. I did not observe any play or noise while opening and closing the lid. Also, You’ll not hear any noise or rattling sound when you shake the charging case with earbuds inside.

You can also see the Left and Right markings on the case and the earbuds. Both earbuds are magnetically connected to their respective slots, and they don’t fall even if you open the lid of the case and face it downwards. The charging case also has a magnet that shuts tightly. The magnet on the charging case is strong, and it’s hard to open the lid with a single hand. You’ll have to use both hands to open the lid.

pTron Wave front
pTron Bassbuds Wave Bottom

A USB-C port is placed on the rear side of the charging case, and you can charge the case using a 5V-1A power adapter. pTron has bundled a USB-C cable with the package, but you’ll have to use your existing charger or a power bank to charge the case. There is an LED indicator placed just below the USB port that tells you the charging status.

pTron Bassbuds Wave USB Port
pTron Bassbuds Wave USB Port

The earbuds are lightweight and come with a unique fin-shaped design for a secure and comfortable fit. The earbud’s ergonomic shape naturally adjusts to the ear and provides good sound isolation. There are three pairs of silicone ear tips inside the package, including one attached to the earbuds.

The Earbuds are IPX4 certified and are sweat and water-resistant. Both earbuds support touch control and allow you to control the functions with a tap of a finger. The charging case automatically charges the earbuds once you place them inside the case. LED indicators on the earbuds tell you the status of charging.

pTron Bassbuds Wave Earbuds
pTron Bassbuds Wave Earbuds

The Red light on the earbuds indicates that the charging is in process, and No light on the earbuds indicates that the buds are fully charged. Once you remove the earbuds from the charging case, the LED light blinks red and blue indicating the earbuds entered into pairing mode and are ready to connect to your smartphone.

pTron Bassbuds Wave touch controls

  • Turn on earbuds: Take out the buds from the charging case
  • Turn off earbuds: Place the earbuds inside the charging case or touch and hold the sensor on the earbuds for 5 seconds
  • Answer a phone call: Touch the sensor on the earbuds once
  • Reject a phone call: Touch and hold the sensor on the earbuds for 2 to 3 seconds
  • Music Play/Pause: Touch the sensor on any earbud once
  • Next song: Double-tap the sensor on the right earbud
  • Previous song: Double-tap the sensor on the left earbud
  • Voice assistant: Touch the sensor on the Left earbud for 2-3 seconds, and you will hear voice feedback
pTron Bassbuds Wave
pTron Bassbuds Wave

pTron Bassbuds Wave connectivity

The pTron Bassbuds Wave comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 and supports Quick 1-Step Pairing. Once paired with a phone, tablet or laptop, these earbuds automatically reconnect with the last paired device. There is no need to pair the device again. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, remove the earbuds from the charging case, and the earbuds will connect to the phone automatically.

To connect the pTron Bassbuds Wave to your phone or laptop, Open the charging case and take out both earbuds from the charging case. Once you take them out, the earbuds will power on automatically and instantly pair with each other. Then,

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone or laptop
  • Select pTron TWS in the list of available devices
  • Allow access to Contacts and Call logs (Optional) from the pop-up
  • Select Pair. Once paired, you’ll also get voice feedback from the earbuds. Also, the device will move the paired device section, and you can check how much battery is left in the earbuds.

Now click on the pTron TWS and set the permissions for Phone audio, Media audio, and Contact sharing as per your requirement. As the device supports AAC codec, you’ll get an option to turn it ON or OFF. The AAC codec activates if you enable the ‘Use High-quality audio’ option’. If you disable the option, then the SBC codec activates. It hardly takes 10 seconds to connect the TWS to your phone. Make sure the earbuds are charged and are out of the charging case. Else your phone will not detect the earbuds.

pTron Bassbuds Wave features

ENC with dual microphones

One of the key highlights of the pTron Bassbuds Wave is the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) for voice calls. These earbuds are powered by Dual mic noise cancelling DSP ENC technology to improve the voice calling experience. I have made multiple voice calls, and the person on the other end could hear me pretty well. The voice output is loud and the dual microphones are good enough to catch the voice even when there is a loud noise in the surroundings. Overall, the voice call quality is excellent, and the ENC works well in most cases.

pTron Bassbuds Wave
pTron Bassbuds Wave

Movie mode

These earbuds support two audio modes – Music and Movie. Out of the box, these earbuds are set to music mode, which is recommended while listening to music. The movie mode reduces the audio lag (50ms latency) and prevents audio delay while watching movies on your phone, tablet or laptop. To switch to Movie mode, you need to touch and hold the right sensor for 2-3 seconds.

Once activated, you’ll get voice feedback saying ‘Movie mode’. Then, again, touch and hold the right sensor for 2-3 seconds to go back to music mode, and you’ll get voice feedback saying ‘Music mode’. The Movie mode also helps while playing games as it reduces the voice delay. So, you can switch to movie mode while playing games with voice chat support. Movie mode is nothing but the low-latency mode.

Mono mode

You either use both earbuds simultaneously or use one earbud in case you’re travelling or riding a vehicle. Take out only one bud from the charging case to use it in the mono mode. If both buds are in use, put one earbud back into the charging case to use another bud in the Mono mode. At any point, if you would like to switch to Stereo mode, take out the earbud from the charging, and it automatically pairs with another earbud and moves to stereo mode.

Voice assistant

These earbuds come with built-in voice-assistant support, and you can trigger the Google Assistant on Android phones and Siri on iOS devices right from the earbuds. Touch and hold the left sensor till you hear a beep notification to trigger the voice assistant. I have tested these earbuds with OnePlus Nord and OPPO F21 Pro (review) and did not observe any issues. All the voice commands sent to the phone through the earbuds were received instantly, and the voice assistant did its task correctly.

pTron Bassbuds Wave battery

Each earbud is fitted with a 40mAh battery, and the charging comes with a 300mAh battery. With the fully charged charging case, you’ll get up to 40 hours of playtime. You need about 90 minutes to fully charge the case using the standard 5V-1A power adapter. You can charge the charging case using the USB-C port provided on the rear side of the case either using a power adapter or a power bank.

pTron Wave Bottom
pTron Bassbuds Wave Earbuds

Once you connect the power source to the case, The LED indicator placed just below the port blinks in red when the charging case is getting charged. Once the case is fully charged, the Red light will turn steady. Once you disconnect the case from charging, Blue light will glow for a couple of seconds indicating the case is ready to charge the earbuds.

Always charge the TWS battery case using good quality DC 5V-1A chargers & the USB cable included in the package. You can also use the 5V power adapter that comes with your phone. According to pTron, using incompatible USB cables or high voltage chargers (Fast chargers) can damage the product & void the product warranty. Also, don’t over-charge the product as it will decrease the battery’s service life.

To charge the earbuds, you need to place both the earbuds into the charging case in their respective positions and close the cap. The earbuds will power off automatically once you place them in the charging case. The Red LED indicator on the earbuds & the Blue LED indicator turns ON during the charging of the earbuds. Both LED lights turn off once the earbuds are fully charged.

pTron Bassbuds Wave Charging
pTron Bassbuds Wave Charging

pTron Bassbuds Wave performance

These earbuds come with 8mm dynamic drivers and produce decent audio output. One of the best parts of the earbuds is their design. Earbuds are very light in weight (8g), and the unique fin-shaped design provides very good noise isolation when plugged into the ears. Due to the unique lightweight design and good quality plastic material, these earphones are really comfortable and never feel heavy. They don’t fall easily, even when jogging or on a treadmill. Make sure you use the right silicon ear tips that perfectly fit your ear.

pTron Bassbuds Wave Eartips
pTron Bassbuds Wave Eartips

The earbuds have a wireless range of 10 meters, and the connectivity is excellent. I did not experience any connection drops and lags throughout my review time. These buds don’t support dual-pairing, and you can only connect one device at a time. If you want to connect these earbuds to your second device, you’ll have to disconnect or unpair the earbuds from the primary device.

The only thing I don’t like is the lack of volume controller support. Even though these buds support multiple touch controls, there is no way to control the volume using the touch sensors. So if you want to adjust the volume of the earbuds, you’ll have to do it using a connected device such as your phone, tablet, or laptop. By default, these earbuds are set at 60% volume.

Sometimes you may experience a slight Audio/Video delay while watching videos on YouTube or any other OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Zee5, etc. This is due to the Music mode. However, simply switch to Movie mode (Low-latency mode), and you’ll hardly find any delay while watching movies, videos or playing games.

Coming to the audio performance, I have tested these earbuds with various genres of music, and the audio output is very good, or at least I can say it’s above average. The bass is not very heavy but good for most songs. The vocals are clear and detailed, and the instrument separation is good. I have not noticed any distortion in the sound quality, even at 100% volume levels. Overall, the sound output is very well-balanced, and you’ll not be disappointed unless you’re a heavy bass lover.

What I like

  • Light-weight design
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • AAC codec support
  • Balanced sound
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Impressive battery life
  • IPX4 Water-resistant
  • Excellent voice call clarity with ENC

What I don’t like

  • No volume controller
  • No battery level indicator

pTron Bassbuds Wave opinion

pTron Bassbuds Wave is priced at ₹1,199, and there is tough competition in this price segment. These earbuds offer excellent comfort, IPX4 rating, a dedicated movie mode, and AAC codec support. pTron has also made significant improvements in the quality and comfort. The earbuds and the case are made out of good quality material and don’t look or feel cheap.

pTron Wave Oval
pTron Bassbuds Wave Eartips

Earbuds are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit. Apart from the quality, you’ll also get 40 hours of music playtime, which is hard to find in any earbuds in this price segment. Furthermore, these earbuds offer a fair amount of noise isolation and a clear voice call experience with dual microphones. The audio quality is above average, and you’ll experience a balanced audio output.

pTron Bassbuds Wave Magnets
pTron Bassbuds Wave Magnets

The balanced sound output, excellent battery life, IPX4, Environmental Noise Cancellation for voice calls, and AAC codec support will make it worth buying. So, if you are looking for affordable TWS earbuds, pTron Bassbuds Wave is possibly one of the best TWS earbuds you can buy for under ₹1,200.

pTron Bassbuds Wave price & availability

pTron Bassbuds Wave comes in Grey, Black, and White colors and will be available via and through pTron’s official website at ₹1,199. These earbuds come with a 1-year limited warranty. Follow GizArena on Facebook and Twitter for the latest tech updates.

Build Quality
Overall Audio
Voice Calls
Comfort and Fit
Value for Money


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pTron has recently announced new TWS earbuds called pTron Bassbuds Wave in India. These entry-level earbuds come with various features such as IPX4 rating, Movie mode, DSP Environmental Noise Cancelling, AAC codec support, 40-hours of music playtime and much more. I tested...pTron Bassbuds Wave TWS Earbuds Review