Wings Elevate Neckband Wireless Earphones Review

Wings Lifestyle, one of the popular audio brands in India has recently announced an entry-level wireless neckband earphone called Wings Elevate. It is IPX5 rated and comes with a smooth Silicone gel flexible neckband for improved comfort and also backed by 10mm neodymium drivers for an improved bass experience. Let’s check out how it performs in day-to-day usage.

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Wings Elevate Neckband Wireless Earphones

Wings Elevate Full Specifications

  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 meters
  • BT Profile Support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Driver: 10mm Dynamic, Neodymium Magnets
  • Battery: 110mAH / 3.7V
  • Talk Time: 8 to 10 hours
  • Charging Time: 60 Minutes
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5V
  • Frequency Range: 2.402G to 2.480G
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C/+60°C
  • Sensitivity: 98dB +/-3dB
  • Impedance – 16Ω +/- 10%
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20000Hz
Wings Elevate Earphones
Wings Elevate Earphones

Wings Elevate Design

Design is the unique selling point of the Wings Elevate. The neckband is made up of a premium smooth Silicone gel that sits comfortably on the neck. The neckband material is very soft, light and can be bent into any shape. It’s an ultra-flexible neckband, you can easily twist it, fold it, and even keep it in your pockets easily.

Wings Elevate Neckband
Wings Elevate Neckband

The entire neckband is made out of silicone gel and the ends of the band are made out of plastic. Both band ends are coated with the same color with silver accents to match the neckband. The band attracts dirt easily but can be wiped off even with your hands. Furthermore, these earphones are IPX5 certified and provide protection from sweat, splash, and spills. Overall, the design looks premium and comfortable to use even for a longer duration.

Wings Elevate Neckband Quality
Wings Elevate Neckband

One end of the band is fitted with an inline controller that includes three buttons – Volume Up, Multi-function Button (MFB), and Volume Down. Below that, you’ll find a multi-color LED indicator that notifies the status of the headphone.

  • Turns Red when charging and turns Blue once the charging is done
  • Flashing red and blue indicates earphone is pairing
  • Slowly flashes blue indicates it connected to a device
  • Flashes Red once when you power off the device
Wings Elevate Controller
Wings Elevate Controller

On the left side of the controller, you’ll find a Micro USB port to charge the earphones. The Micro USB port is protected from a plastic flap that protects the USB port from dirt getting into it. These earphones also include an in-line microphone that works very well. Voice calls are clear and also people on the other end didn’t report any issues either. As these earphones output high bass, a little bass is also added to voice calls and you might feel uncomfortable for long-duration calls.

Wings Elevate Micro USB
Wings Elevate Micro USB Port

Wings Elevate Battery

These earphones are backed by a 110mAh battery and the company claims about 11 hours of music when fully charged. During my testing, I was able to get about 8 hours of battery life with about 65 to 80% volume level. Additionally, these earphones support fast charging and you’ll get about 4 hours of music with just 20 minutes of charging. To fully charge the battery, you need about 60 minutes using the standard 5V power adapter.

Wings Elevate Earphones
Wings Elevate Earphones

Another useful feature I noticed is the voice feedback. Whenever you turn on the earphones, you’ll get voice feedback as ‘Power On’. Similarly ‘Power Off’ when powering off and ‘Connected’ when connected to the device. Furthermore, if the battery is low, you’ll also get a sound prompt.

Wings Elevate Controls

  • Turn On: Long press the MFB for 3 seconds (Red & Blue Flashes)
  • Turn Off: Long press the MFB for 5 seconds (Flashed Red and Turns Off)
  • Play or Pause: Single click the MFB
  • Next Song: Long Press the ‘+’ button once
  • Previous Song: Long Press the ‘‘ button once
  • Volume Up: Click the ‘+‘ button
  • Volume Down: Click the ‘‘ button
  • Activate Voice Assistant: Press & hold the MFB for 1 second
  • Answer Call: Single click the MFB
  • Reject Call: Long press MFB for second
  • Hang up after Call: Single click the MFB
  • Call last dialed number – Double press the MFB
Wings Elevate Earbuds
Wings Elevate Earbuds

Wings Elevate supports both Siri and Google Assistant. You can trigger the voice assistant by long-pressing the multi-function button for a second. I have tested these earphones with OPPO F17 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro and both phones detected the voice commands without any issue.

These earphones are fitted with 10mm Dynamic drivers for improved audio experience and also come with Neodymium Magnets that let you attach and keep the buds together when not using. The magnets are strong and enough to keep the buds together.

Wings Elevate Earbuds Magnet
Wings Elevate Earbuds Magnet

The casing of the buds is completely made out of metal and removable soft ear hooks allow you to comfortably position the earphones in the ear canal. Even the ear hooks are made out of the same smooth Silicone gel material for better comfort and wearability. Ear hooks can be easily removed if you feel uncomfortable. There are two additional ear tips in the box (+ the one which comes attached to the earbuds) and can be easily replaced without any extra effort.

Wings Elevate Eartips
Wings Elevate Eartips

Apart from the Earphones and a couple of ear tips, Wings has bundled a Micro USB cable inside the box. You can use any existing Micro USB power adapter to charge these earphones. Make a note that Wings recommends a Max 5V output charger to charge these earphones.

Wings Elevate Connectivity

Wings Elevate uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and also supports Dual Pairing. Like most of the same segment earphones, Wings elevate also performs well and you’ll not experience any connectivity issues or connection drop when used within 10 meters. If the Bluetooth of the nearby device (previously paired) is ON, these earphones instantly get connected to the device without pressing any button. Using the Dual pairing feature, you can connect these earphones to two devices simultaneously.

Wings Elevate Earphones
Wings Elevate Earphones

I have tested these earphones with OPPO F17 Pro (Review), OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8, Vivo V20, Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition (Review), and also with Mi Box 4k (Review) and did not observe any connectivity issues. Earphones connected to the devices within seconds and there were no latency issues too.

Wings Elevate
Wings Elevate

Connecting Earphones

  • Long press the multifunction button on Earphone
  • Next, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop
  • You’ll find ‘Wings Elevate‘ in the list of available devices
  • Select Wings Elevate
  • Select Yes from the popup to Pair the earphones

You can check the Battery levels right from the Bluetooth settings and also set the permissions for Phone audio, Media audio, and Contact sharing by enable or disabling the toggle. You need hardly five seconds to pair the earphones with your phone or a laptop.

Wings Elevate Performance

These earphones come with a metallic casing to provide a sort of 3D surround effect and also a solid sound cavity to provide a richer bass experience. The overall sound quality was much better than I actually expected. As stated by the brand, you’ll get a punchier bass with clear mids and highs.

The Vocals are also clear and you’ll not experience any distortion at higher volume levels. There’s plenty of Bass with moderate treble and you’ll love it for sure if you are a Bass lover. Even if you don’t like heavy bass, these earphones will sound great at about 70% volume level.

Wings Elevate Wireless Earphones
Wings Elevate Wireless Earphones

These also provide above-average surround sound effects while watching movies or shows. I tested the earphones with several genres of music and the performance is decent and you’ll also get a decent amount of noise isolation as well. As there is no low-latency mode, you’ll experience a slight audio delay during multiplayer gaming.

Wings Elevate Neckband
Wings Elevate Neckband

Although the speakers don’t distort at a higher volume level the audio starts leaking once you cross the 75% volume. Similarly, when it comes to bass, you’ll get a pleasant audio experience up to 80% volume but beyond 80% you may feel a little bit of discomfort due to the excessive bass.

Wings Elevate Earbud
Wings Elevate Earbud

Free Gaana Plus Subscription

Wings is also providing free three months of Gaana Plus subscription with every purchase of Wings Elevate earphones. You’ll not get the voucher code right out of the box and involves a small process to claim it. Once you unbox these earphones, register it by visiting this link, follow Wings Lifestyle on Instagram, and then, you’ll have to send the screenshot of the following to social[at] Once you send the email, you’ll receive the voucher code in 24 hours and the same can be used to activate the subscription.

Wings Elevate Bluetooth Earphones
Wings Elevate Bluetooth Earphones

1-year replacement warranty

Wings Elevate comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and the company will replace the device in case of any manufacturing defects. You can claim the warranty by either calling the Wings customer support or email or also by raising the support ticket on Make a note that Mandatory registration is required on the brand’s official website within 7 days for warranty eligibility.


  • Comfortable neckband
  • Punchier Bass
  • Balanced sound
  • Light-weight design
  • Good battery life
  • IPX5 Water-resistant
  • Fast Charging


  • No Low-latency mode
  • Below-average ANC
  • No aptX support

Wings Elevate Opinion

I can’t say these earphones are the best in the segment as there are hundreds of other options available in the same price segment. But these are very reasonably priced with balanced sound and justifies the pricing. Also, the premium design is something that stands out from the crowd. You’ll get punchy bass, IPX5 rating, Comfortable neckband, and also a very good battery life with fast charging support.

Wings Elevate
Wings Elevate

On top, you can also avail of three months of free Gaana Plus subscription alongside a hassle-free replacement warranty. So, if you are looking for entry-level earphones with punchier or heavy bass with fast charging support and premium design, Wings Elevate is a very good choice and you’ll not be disappointed for sure.

Wings Elevate Price & Availability

Wings Elevate Neckband Earphone is offered in BlackTeal & Grey color options and will be available to buy via Amazon.inFlipkart, and Myntra at ₹1,399.

Build Quality
Overall Audio
Comfort and Fit
Value for Money


  1. battery runs for only 2hrs max. Lights(blue or red) is not visible while charging and it just arrived yesterday. Did i get damaged product?

  2. My wings neckband headphone not getting power off by switching the the mfb button but after sometimes when it is not connected to any device it automatically gets power off so so what can I do please say.

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Wings Lifestyle, one of the popular audio brands in India has recently announced an entry-level wireless neckband earphone called Wings Elevate. It is IPX5 rated and comes with a smooth Silicone gel flexible neckband for improved comfort and also backed by 10mm neodymium drivers...Wings Elevate Neckband Wireless Earphones Review