itel Unveils Transformative Brand Shift Through Logo Rebranding

After introducing the most affordable 5G smartphone in India, the itel P55 5G (review), and the most affordable curved AMOLED display smartphone, itel S23+, itel is undergoing a significant change in its appearance with a new logo. This marks a major step for the company’s growth. The next phase of itel’s 16-year global journey will reveal a stronger and updated identity, highlighting its commitment to innovation, customer focus, and making things easy for everyone.

new itel logo

Itel states that the current logo has been good for the company for more than ten years. This change is a crucial moment in the brand’s history, bringing in a new, contemporary look that connects with smart living and youthfulness. The fresh logo is made to be modern, lively, and easily identifiable, representing the core of Itel’s brand commitment “Enjoy Better Life.

The updated logo symbolizes itel’s commitment to innovation, dependability, and a thorough understanding of users’ changing needs, providing a smart and sophisticated ecosystem of itel products. The new design represents the brand’s forward-looking mindset while staying true to its fundamental values of accessibility, quality, and affordability. The choice of vibrant magenta color in the new logo gives off a positive and youthful energy, showcasing itel’s dedication to staying dynamic in the ever-changing tech world., the brand said in a media release.

itel new logo compare

The new logo was revealed on December 1st with Sudarshan Patnaik. The Padma Shri award-winning artist displayed his artistic skills through a sand art exhibit at Puri Beach in Odisha, capturing the brand’s core values. The sand art conveyed the brand’s messages of “Jode Bharat ka har Dil” and ‘Enjoy Better Life,’ symbolizing the idea of connecting every Indian with itel’s technology.

“After 8 years of successfully raising the technology benchmark in India, unveiling our new logo marks the beginning of a new era for itel. The vibrant Pinkish red color and modern design stand for love, passion, and energy and reflect the spirit of modern Bharat. While we remain dedicated to our purpose of ‘Enjoy Better Life’, this transformation is a bold step towards our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centricity in India.”  said Mr. Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, itel India.

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