Top 10 Features of itel P55 5G: 90Hz Display, Battery Lab, Reverse Wired Charging, Theft Alert, 50MP AI Camera, and More

itel P55 5G, India’s most affordable 5G smartphone, is now available for as low as ₹8,999 with card discounts on Amazon India. Beyond its 5G capabilities, this device packs a range of features that justify its competitive pricing. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 features that make the itel P55 5G a standout contender in the under 10K 5G smartphone market.

Top 10 Features of itel P55 5G

Top 10 itel P55 5G Features

5G++ NRCA Support

A standout feature of the itel P55 5G is its 5G++ NRCA support. This technology offers enhanced 5G connectivity and accelerated internet speeds, even in regions with sparse network coverage. Additionally, it offers improved connectivity even indoors or in basement areas. The device boasts support for a wide range of bands, including n1, n3, n5, n8, n28, n38, n40, n41, n77, and n78, ensuring better compatibility. Furthermore, the device is compatible with Smart 5G, which intelligently toggles between 4G and 5G networks to conserve battery life.

12GB Extended RAM and 128GB Storage

The itel P55 5G is available in two configurations: 4/64GB and 6/128GB. Both variants support Memory Fusion technology, which functions similarly to Extended RAM. This utilizes a portion of your phone’s internal storage as additional RAM, effectively boosting the total RAM capacity of your smartphone. It enables seamless multitasking with the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, free from noticeable lags or slowdowns.

Additionally, the Memory Fusion facilitates faster loading and smoother operation of applications, enhancing the overall user experience. You can also configure how much extra RAM you need from the settings. You configure Memory Fusion (MemFusion), navigate to Settings -> RAM. The default MemFusion setting is 4GB, but you can adjust it according to your specific requirements. When it comes to storage, itel has also included a dedicated microSD slot that allows for expanding the device’s storage capacity up to 1TB using a microSD card.

HD+ V-Notch Display with 90Hz Refresh Rate

The itel P55 5G has a large 6.6-inch HD+ display with a 720 x 1612 pixels resolution. Despite its highly competitive pricing, itel has included a 90Hz panel, enhancing the overall user experience without compromising affordability. There are three options: 60Hz, 90Hz, and Auto-switch Refresh Rate.

itel P55 5G Front

If you pick Auto-switch Refresh Rate, the phone will decide by itself how fast the screen should refresh based on what you’re doing. This helps save battery while still giving you a smooth experience. To adjust the screen refresh rate, simply navigate to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Screen Refresh Rate. From there, you can customize the refresh rate according to your preference.

Battery Lab

The itel P55 5G is equipped with a variety of battery-focused features that not only enhance battery life but also mitigate battery aging, all while maintaining safety. Check out all the features below.

Notify Battery Draining Apps: The battery lab automatically detects which apps consume the battery power and lets you optimize with a couple of taps.

Power Boost

This feature prolongs battery life by managing key aspects such as reverting the screen refresh rate to 60Hz, deactivating location access for all apps, enabling dark themes, and automatically disabling Wi-Fi when not connected. All these options can be turned simultaneously by tapping the ‘Enable Power Boost’. You can also turn a few features on/off manually.

  • Ultra Power Saving Mode: This mode significantly extends the battery life by retaining only the most essential apps (up to 6) in operation.
  • Additional Battery Saving Settings: You can further optimize the battery life by enabling additional options such as Sleep Standby Optimization, Short Video Optimization, and Adaptive Battery and Screen Off Optimization
AI Smart Charge

This feature is similar to the Adaptive Charging feature found in the latest Pixel phones. When activated, this feature learns from your regular charging habits and adapts the charging speed to minimize battery wear and ensure safe charging. This means that if you leave your phone plugged in overnight, it will only charge up to a certain level during the night and then complete the charging just before you wake up. This helps prolong the overall lifespan of your battery. You can enable this option from Settings -> Battery Lab -> Charge -> AI Smart Charge.

Charging Safety Protection

The itel P55 5G is equipped with multiple safety features to enhance the battery and charging security. You can find more information about the safety features of the device in Settings -> Battery Lab -> Charge -> Charging Safety Protection. All these features are automatically activated, and you cannot manually adjust or disable them. They work seamlessly in the background for your convenience and safety.

Wired Reverse Charging

Another most useful feature of itel P55 5G is Wired Reverse Charging, which allows you to charge other devices, such as another smartphone or tablet, through a wired connection. In essence, the itel P55 5G can act as a power bank for other devices when connected using the appropriate cable, effectively sharing its battery charge with them. This feature can be handy in situations where you need to charge another compatible device but don’t have access to a power outlet or a power bank.

The Wired Reverse Charging is always turned on, and you can’t turn it off. You can find this feature in Settings -> Battery Lab -> Charge, and you’ll see the option for Reverse Wired Charging. This feature has been tested on the Google Pixel 7a, and it functions smoothly without any problems. When you connect both the itel P55 5G and another smartphone like the Pixel 7a using a USB-C to C cable, the itel P55 5G will display a prompt. Choose the ‘Large-current charging’ option, and the connected device will start charging through the itel P55 5G.

Aivana Voice Assistant

Aivana Voice Assistant is like Google Assistant, although it’s not quite as advanced. But it does have some really useful tricks. For example, if you say, “Start taking photos,” Aivana will open the camera and snap pictures with a 3-second timer. And if you say, “Start boosting the phone,” Aivana will quietly clean up your phone’s memory in the background using the Phone Master app.

You have the choice to pick your main Voice Assistant. You can go with either Google Assistant or Aivana. You can even turn on the voice assistant by holding down the power button or using a gesture. Head to Settings -> Aivana -> Aivana Voice and configure how you like.

Multi-function Fingerprint Reader

The itel P55 5G is equipped with a side-mounted fingerprint reader integrated into the power button. This ergonomically positioned button allows for swift device unlocking within seconds. For optimal use, itel has incorporated additional functionalities into the fingerprint reader. The two most notable features include the ability to answer calls and record calls using the fingerprint reader.

After activation, the fingerprint reader allows you to both answer incoming calls and record voice conversations while you’re on a call. You can enable these from Settings -> SIM & Network Settings -> Call Settings -> Advanced Settings.

Downloadable Themes and Wallpapers

Running on itel OS, based on Android 13, the device comes with many features to enhance the user experience. With the itel P55 5G, you have the option to download various themes and wallpapers directly from the Settings menu. You can download the themes and wallpaper from Settings -> Personalization. The only prerequisite is creating an itel ID. Upon tapping the download button, you’ll be directed to a login/register screen where you can easily set up your itel account.

Theft Alert

The Theft Alert feature in the itel P55 5G proves highly valuable in specific scenarios. You’ll have two options: “Charging Disconnected” and “Earphones Unplugged.” If the charging is disconnected, the phone will ring, and likewise, if the earphones are unplugged. In both instances, you can stop the alert by unlocking the phone. These features are particularly valuable, especially when you work in environments with a lot of people around. To enable Theft Alert, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Protection -> Theft Alert.

50MP Primary AI Rear Camera

The itel P55 5G features a dual-camera setup on the rear, comprising a 50MP primary camera and an AI camera. Itel has also incorporated a range of customization options in the camera app, enabling users to capture AI-powered shots as well as fun, creative images. You can check out some of the camera features below.

  • Video: Shoot videos in 720@30fps, 1080p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, and 2K@30fps
  • AI Cam: This is the default camera mode, and you can enable or disable the AI features based on your preference. This mode also supports a 50MP setting, allowing you to capture high-resolution images.
  • Beauty Mode: It includes various AI-powered features like AI smart body, Slim body, Slim head, Slim legs etc.
  • Dual-video: This mode enables simultaneous video recording from both the front and rear cameras.
  • Other modes: Portrait mode, Short video mode, Slow-motion, Time-lapse, Super night mode, AR-Shot, Pro, Panorama, Documents, Sky Shop
  • Some of the other camera features are AI Focus, Fingerprint reader as camera shutter, QR code scanner, Customized Watermarks etc.

In addition to the standard video mode, itel has introduced a new mode called Film. This mode offers a range of templates designed for specific occasions like Party, Motion, Performance, Travel, Vintage, Family, Street, Super Star, Beats, and Sports. Choosing the appropriate mode based on the situation will result in an enhanced output.

Despite offering competitive pricing, itel has managed to incorporate a range of impressive features including 5G support, a 90Hz display, a feature-rich camera, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, and a MediaTek chipset. In addition, they provide a generous 2-year warranty, which significantly enhances the trustworthiness of the device. Furthermore, the brand is providing a complimentary screen replacement within 100 days from the date of purchase.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the full review, which is scheduled to be published next week. If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section. We’ll make sure to respond promptly.

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