Synology Announces Availability ‘Synology C2 Transfer’ Service: Sign-up for 90-day Free Trial

Back in June 2021, Synology had announced the expansion of the Synology C2 platform with four new cloud services – C2 Backup, C2 Identity, C2 Transfer, and C2 Password. Now, Synology has announced the availability of C2 Transfer, a new cloud solution designed to securely transfer files between businesses and their clients, partners, and other external parties.

Synology C2 Transfer
Synology C2 Transfer

C2 Transfer provides a cloud-based end-to-end encrypted file transfer and request service that offers easy and fast management of users for businesses that will need multiple accounts. All files uploaded through C2 Transfer are end-to-end encrypted and Recipients’ identities will be verified before files can be downloaded to ensure only the right people gain access.

Apart from the encryption, one of the key features of C2 Transfer is User identity verification. Once you initiate a file transfer, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the recipient via email or phone. To receive the OTP, recipients must confirm their email or phone number after opening a shared link. Even if a shared link is compromised, access to an email account or phone number is still required.

Synology C2 Transfer OTP Request
Synology C2 Transfer OTP Request

Synology has also provided a simple workflow wherein system administrators can easily manage multiple users from an intuitive dashboard, while each individual user can take control of transfers and requests from their own portal. Additionally, uploaded content can be protected in several ways, providing additional layers of security.

Synology C2 Transfer Image Watermark
Image Watermark
  • Watermarks – Add watermarks to images to differentiate them from the original without using another application, thus increasing security, productivity, and personalization.
  • Link expiry – Set by the sender to make the shared link invalid for the recipient after a specified time period up to 90 days.
  • Download limits – Prevent the data from being downloaded more than once.

C2 Transfer will be available starting 26th August 2021 across the web and mobile platforms. As of now, Web portal versions for Chrome, Microsoft Edge are available and Safari will be available in the coming days. Mobile support for iOS and Android with a responsive web design will be released in Q4 2021 and will only be available for Business Plan users.

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C2 Transfer is available to use starting today with the Pro plan subscription offering standalone accounts for smaller teams and freelancers. Centrally managed plans for larger businesses will be available shortly. You can try C2 Transfer for FREE with an extended 90-day free trial, valid until the end of 2021.

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