Samsung Unveils BKC Lifestyle Experience Store in Mumbai’s Jio World Plaza: Design Your Own Smartphone Covers, Creator’s Workshop

Today, Samsung inaugurated its inaugural Online-to-Offline (O2O) lifestyle store in India at Jio World Plaza Mall, the newly opened ultra-luxurious hub for retail, leisure, and dining in Mumbai. Situated strategically in Mumbai’s central business hub of Bandra Kurla Complex, the Samsung BKC spans across 8,000 sq ft within Jio World Plaza. This store is designed to present Samsung’s top-of-the-line premium products through distinctive curated experiences and real-life scenarios.

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Featuring Samsung’s extensive premium portfolio, the store encompasses smartphones, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and other products, harnessing the capabilities of Samsung’s AI ecosystem. Designed for discerning premium consumers and technology enthusiasts, the Samsung BKC provides access to Samsung’s latest AI experiences. From ‘AI for All’ in consumer electronics products to ‘Galaxy AI’ for mobile devices, all these cutting-edge features are showcased under one roof, catering to a diverse range of technological preferences.

The Samsung BKC store presents an extensive product range with over 1,200 choices accessible through an online digital catalog, complemented by in-store staff assistance. Furthermore, customers can avail themselves of delivery services, extending beyond Mumbai to any location across the country. Additionally, customers in Mumbai have the flexibility to make online purchases through and leverage the convenience of picking up their products from Samsung BKC within a two-hour timeframe.

The store will feature exclusive Galaxy S24 special edition color options and also provide a first-of-its-kind AI-enabled personalization service for the latest Galaxy S24 series smartphones. Starting January 23, Consumers will be able to experience and pre-book the latest Galaxy S24 series at Samsung BKC. Samsung BKC is split into eight different sections that show customers how Samsung products, both on their own and as part of Samsung’s connected system (SmartThings), can make their lives easier. These sections cover various interests, including gaming, entertainment, art, yoga, cooking, and laundry management.

  • Hobby Room – Customers can have an immersive mobile gaming experience on an 85-inch 8K QLED TV, along with Samsung’s professional selection of gaming monitors and laptops.
  • Home Office – In this zone, you’ll find a state-of-the-art home office setup with large screens and smart monitors. Here, you can connect the monitor to Galaxy Buds or make calls on the Smart Monitor using Google Meet.
  • Home Atelier – In this section, customers can explore how Samsung technology can effectively turn their home into an art gallery or even a yoga studio. Additionally, customers can discover the AI-enabled Smart Yoga mat connected to the television, providing real-time feedback on their yoga postures.
  • Home Cafe – In this area, customers can explore custom-designed refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. The color of the bespoke refrigerators can be customized to complement the home’s color scheme, offering a personalized touch.

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  • Connected Kitchen – In this zone, a skilled chef actively works in the kitchen, preparing healthy meals in real-time. Customers can learn how to use Samsung products for meal preparation,
  • Intelligent Closet – This zone highlights Samsung’s state-of-the-art AI-enabled washing machines and dryers, demonstrating how users can conveniently plan and select laundry settings using a smartphone.
  • Private Cinema – This demonstration showcases the connected device experience offered by Samsung. Customers can experience the incredible 110-inch MicroLED TV, and the SmartThings app connects via a smartphone to control everything—from curtains and lights to the soundbar and air conditioner—transforming the room into a movie theatre.
  • Mobile Zone – This central area of the store serves as the showcase for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices, featuring the Galaxy Z series and Galaxy S series, including the latest Galaxy S24 series. It also highlights Samsung’s flagship tablets, laptops, and wearables.

Samsung BKC will host different events and workshops on topics like digital art, photography, videography, fitness, baking, cooking, music, and more as part of its Learn @ Samsung program. Throughout the year, this program will feature influencers, content creators, and experts who will help customers at the store learn more about Samsung products and its connected devices ecosystem through enjoyable experiences and hands-on activities related to their interests.

The store offers special options for personalizing and customizing mobile and electronic products. In the Creator’s Workshop, customers can design their own smartphone covers and add personal touches like initials with crystals or fun charms to their Galaxy Watches. In the Home Cafe zone, customers can choose the color of their bespoke refrigerators’ doors to match their home’s color scheme.

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Premium customers at the store get a first look at global products not yet available in India. To build strong connections with customers, the store has a service center where they can schedule appointments online or offline and request device pickup for servicing. The store also offers same-day repair for Galaxy devices and remote assistance.

Samsung BKC Deals and Offers

Customers at Samsung BKC who buy two or more SmartThings-enabled products will receive a complimentary SmartThings setup, including product installation conducted by visiting service engineers. Customers who visit the store will receive certain gifts, like up to 2% loyalty points on select Samsung products, up to 20% off on specific TV and monitor models, up to 5% extra cashback on refrigerators and washing machines, and the option to buy Galaxy Buds FE for ₹2,999 with select Galaxy devices. Moreover, there will be special benefits for corporate customers at Samsung BKC.

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