OPPO F21 Pro to Come with Segment-first Flagship Sony IMX709 Selfie Sensor

OPPO has today officially confirmed that the OPPO F21 Pro would feature the flagship Sony IMX709 RGBW (red, blue, green, white) selfie sensor. According to OPPO, the latest Sony sensor is about 60% more sensitive to light and reduces noise by 35% when compared to the previous generation IMX615 RGB sensor, resulting in more crisper, clearer, and evenly-exposed photos. 

OPPO F21Pro Pre3

With OPPO’s Quadra Binning algorithm, two W pixels are added to each R, G, and B pixel so that the sensor can detect red, green, blue, and white signals. This boosts light intake without reducing color information and improves cross-platform compatibility and image processing efficiency. Additionally, OPPO’s imaging R&D team has designed the IMX709 using the 22nm process that consumes lesser power than any other flagship front camera image sensor.

OPPO F21 Pro Sony

Furthermore, the F21 Pro also features an advanced AI Portrait Enhancement feature that differentiates between beauty spots and skin blemishes and identifies subjects—based on ethnicity, gender, and age to offer a personalized and natural face retouching.

OPPO F21 Pro Orbit Light

OPPO has introduced a 2MP microlens on OPPO F21 Pro with support for 15x/30x magnification, allowing you to explore textures, colors, shapes, and sizes at a microscopic level. OPPO installed the microlens module on the back cover at the structural level instead of mounting it on the motherboard. OPPO also added a new Orbit Light around the microlens for illumination as the short focal length of this lens required the phone to be very close to the photographed objects.

The OPPO F21 Pro 5G will be available in Rainbow Spectrum and Cosmic Black colors and will be launching in India on 12th April 2022. Stay tuned with GizArena on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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