OPPO Announces Partnership with Spotify to Bring You Personalised Playlists that Suit Your Mood and Emotion

Just a day after anoouncing the Independece Days Sale, OPPO now announces a new campaign called ‘Every Emotions In Portrait’ in partnership with Spotify to bring you personalised Playlists that match your mood. The tie-up with Spotify is in keeping with OPPO’s latest smartphone Reno6 Series’ cameras that allow users to capture photos with industry-first Bokeh Flare Portrait Video in professional-grade quality.

OPPO Spotify th

OPPO’s partnership with Spotify allows existing users to listen to their favourite songs, along with fresh selections, curated on the basis of moods and emotions. New users are introduced to new playlists and songs, that are gradually fine tuned to the listener’s tastes. To get your own playlist that’s curated to suit your current mood, you need to link your Reno 6 5G or Reno6 Pro 5G device to Spotify. Follow the below step to link your device.

OPPO Reno6 5G
OPPO Reno6 5G

Step-1: Go to opporeno6series.withspotify.com

Step-2: You will be prompted to Log in or Sign up to your Spotify account. If you access this page from your computer, you also get an option to skip this step.

Step-3: Choose from within a matrix of four primary emotions – Happy, Low, Sensitive and Passionate as per your mood. As you slide your cursor between these, you get access to 27 moods like amused, triumphant, calm, satisfied, amazed, affectionate, grateful, romantic, and others that are fine-tuned to suit exactly how you feel.

Step-4: Once you choose the mood, you can see the percentage of other listeners who are feeling the same as you at that point; you can also share your emotion captured in a portrait with friends. 

Step-5: You are then presented with a personalized playlist that matches the mood you chose. You can listen to the songs on your computer, and if you have signed in with your login credentials, the playlist will also appear in the ‘Your Library’ section of your Spotify app on your mobile device.

We are excited to associate with Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming app, to deepen our relationship with consumers by providing a personalized listening experience. This partnership will allow users to capture their emotions in portrait and listen to their favourite music curated to their moods. said, Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO India.

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