OnePlus Snowbot Battle Announced

Just a few days before the announcement of the OnePlus 8 smartphone series, OnePlus has announced the world’s first 5G-powered interactive Snowball Fight in Finland. The event will take place on 9th March 2020 and run for more than 70 consecutive hours. The experience will allow anyone from around the world to control the OnePlus Snowbots in a live snowball fight on the brand’s official website.

OnePlus Snowbot Battle

The Snowbots will be operated through OnePlus devices with a 5G network, brought to the remote Lapland region by Finnish operator Elisa. The OnePlus Snowbot Battle, hosted in Ruka-Kuusamo area, Lapland, Finland and will start on 9th March 2020 at 12:00 PM GMT with a special Human vs. Robots event, that will see a selected number of people join in teams to play against the 5G-powered Snowbots operated by users from all across the world. From the evening 9th March to 12th March, the Snowbot Battle will run 24 hours a day, allowing everyone to join a team in the snowball fight.

Additionally, OnePlus will also host a special community contest on its social channels to select a few lucky users who will have the opportunity to travel to Lapland and join the OnePlus Snowbot Battle in person.

How does OnePlus Snowbot Battle work?

There are four Snowbots and only eight snowballs for each bot. Two on each team and you’ll be automatically paired with a fellow member at random. You’re in control of one Snowbot and need to fire snowballs at your opponents, all while trying to avoid getting hit by theirs. You win by hitting your enemy more times than they hit you. For further details visit the official event page.

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