Nanoclean AC Filters – Turn Your AC into an Air Purifier at ₹399

A team of IIT Delhi Professors and Alumni (Nasofilters) have developed an innovative Nanoclean AC Filters which will turn your existing Air Conditioner (AC) into an Air Purifier. This specially designed Nanoclean AC Filter has a non-woven structure that removes PM2.5 and other Micro-particle pollutants from the air inside homes while cooling it at an affordable cost.

Nanoclean AC Filters
Nanoclean AC Filter

The fabric structure is a proprietary technology of Nasofilters. Nanoclean AC filters are smaller than those filters which are used in room air purifiers and made of pure PP (polypropylene) which can be recycled into other products. These can be easily melted and reconverted to other products. According to company, Nanoclean AC filters can purify a room upto 90% in just 1 hour of its functioning in an AC without putting additional load on it. Its a “Do It Yourself” product and can easily be placed in a Split as well as Window AC.

How to Install the Nanoclean AC Filter?

  • Open the AC front door
  • Remove the plastic mesh screen from your AC
  • Stick the Nanoclean AC Filter at the center of the mesh
  • Place the plastic mesh back inside the Air Conditioner

Nanoclean AC Filter is not washable and filter has to be replaced every 30 to 45 days depending upon the physical state of the filter. Make a note that the life of the AC Filter depends on the individual condition of air quality in your home. Nanoclean can be purchased from official website, and also through Apollo Pharmacy Stores across India. Nanoclean AC Filter is priced at ₹399 and also available in three-pack combo at ₹899. As a limited period offer, the company is providing a 25% discount on its official website. Each pack includes two units.


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