JioFiber Launching on 5th September – Free HD/4K TV, 4K Set Top Box, Jio Postpaid Plus and more

At 42nd Annual General Meeting held in Mumbai, Reliance Jio officially announces the commercial availability of its much-awaited Home Broadband Service JioFiber. The JioFiber service will commercially rollout from 5th September 2019 and expected to complete in the next 12 months. The price of the entry-level Plan starts at ₹700 per month with 100Mbps speed and will go upto ₹10,000 per month for 1Gbps speed.

Just like Jio Prepaid or Postpaid plans, JioFiber plans also come with various benefits. Customers will have to pay for only one service, either voice or data. Along with the Data benefits, all the voice calls from Home to any Indian operatormobile or fixed will be free forever on Jiofiber plans. Additionally, Consumers can opt fro Unlimited international calling to the U.S. and Canada at ₹500 per month.

To keep you entertained JioFiber plans will also come bundled with subscriptions to most leading premium OTT applications. Furthermore, JioFiber customers will be able to watch movies at home on the same day they released in the theatres. This service is called as Jio First-Day-First-Show and in the middle of 2020.

Jio Postpaid Plus

Jio has also introduced a special mobility service to JioFiber users called Jio Postpaid Plus to deliver a platinum-grade service and product experience at the doorstep. Some of the key highlights of Jio Postpaid Plus are mentioned below.

  • India’s first priority SIM-setup service at home, where your connection will be moved to Jio by visiting your home
  • Seamless Data and Voice Connectivity across all your devices, both at home and outside
  • One data plan for better control on GBs and sharing within your family
  • International roaming at an attractive price
  • Phone upgrades at preferential rates

Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

Jio digital Set Top Box is a one-stop solution for High definition video streaming, Virtual reality content, Multi-party video conferencing, Voice-enabled virtual assistants, Interactive gaming, Home Security, Smart home solutions, and more. It supports VR content in 4K resolution, Games from Microsoft, Tencent, Gameloft, etc. and also accepts the broadcast cable TV signals from the local cable operators.

Along with a bunch of services Jio has also announced Jio Fiber Welcome Offer. Customers who opt for an annual plan called as Jio Forever Plans will get an HD or 4K LED TV and a 4K Set Top Box absolutely free. Jio has also asked interested users to signup for JioFiber as soon as it is available in their neighborhoods. The complete details of our tariffs will be available from 5th September 2019 on and MyJio app your smartphone.


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