JioFiber Introduces New Broadband Back-Up Plan: Unlimited Home Broadband at ₹198 Per Month

Jio announces a new entry-level home broadband plan called the ‘Back-Up Plan‘ for homes with an unreliable broadband connection. The newly introduced Back-Up Plan enables uninterrupted streaming of upcoming Tata IPL tournaments besides other content including live sports. Users can upgrade the speed from 10 Mbps to 30 / 100 Mbps as and when they need it, with 1 / 2 / 7-day options, at the click of a button.

JioFiber Back-Up Plan

Jio Fiber Back-Up Plan

  • Unlimited Data & Voice: 10 Mbps unlimited home broadband at ₹198 per month and Unlimited landline voice calls.
  • One-Click Speed Upgrade: Upgrade your broadband speed instantly with one-click and 1 / 2 / 7-day speed-upgrade vouchers starting at ₹21 per day.
  • Unlimited Entertainment: Upgrade to unlimited entertainment at only Rs 100 / 200 additional per month, Watch Tata IPL from multiple camera angles, Live & Free with JioCinema, Up to 550+ Live TV channels, Up to 14 OTT Apps, YouTube, Gaming, hundreds of applications
  • Book from Anywhere: Book with any Jio retailer or partner near you at only ₹99, Call 60008 60008 to book online or visit
JioFiber Back-Up Plan

How to Get a New Jio Fiber Back-Up Connection

To book a new Jio Fiber Back-Up Plan visit any Jio retailer or partner near you at only ₹99 or Call 60008 60008 to book online or visit The back-up plan starts at ₹1,490 (5-month service at ₹990 and installation charges ₹500). New JioFiber Back-Up connection will be available starting 30th March 2023.

“We at Jio understand the customer’s need to remain connected round the clock with dependable broadband connectivity at home. With JioFiber Backup, we want to offer alternate reliable home broadband connectivity. This new concept of a back-up connection allows homes to have alternate broadband connectivity with an assured supply of data at an affordable price. Customers can seamlessly upgrade to higher speeds, upon realization of the immense benefits of such value connections.”, the brand said in a media release.

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