GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Review – Excellent AMOLED Display, Accurate Fitness Tracking

GOQii has recently announced a new smartwatch called GOQii Smart Vital Ultra in India. This entry-level fitness tracker comes with an AMOLED display, Continuous heart-tracking, SpO2 tracking, Sleep monitoring, and much more. I have been using this smartwatch for 15 days, and check out my detailed review below.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Package
GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Package

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Specifications

  • Display: 1.78-inch AMOLED, 320×380 Pixels, 2.5D Curved Edges
  • IP Rating: IP68 Dust & waterproof
  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days
  • Compatibility: Android 5.0 or later / iOS 9.0 or later
  • Charging time: 90 Minutes
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V/1A
  • Charging method: Magnetic charging
  • Weight: 36.5g without belts
  • Watch body material: Polycarbonate
  • Strap material: Silicone, Plastic
  • Certification: ISO Certified, CDSCO Certification
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Dimensions: 255.4 x 37.4 x 12.45 mm
  • Firmware: 76.1.8
  • In the box: Watch, Magnetic charging cable, Activation code, Manuals

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Design

The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra sports a full-touch 1.78-inch AMOLED display with 2.5D curved edges for a smoother operation. The display is securely positioned in a polycarbonate shell with a single button on the right. Even though the button is made of plastic, it isn’t flimsy like most entry-level watches. Overall, the watch’s body looks solid and feels very premium.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Display
GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Display

The bezels on the top, left, and right sides are uniform, but the chin is slightly bigger than the other three sides. You’ll also find the GOQii branding on the chin. There is no fingerprint-resistant coating on the glass, and the display easily attracts fingerprints. But, you can easily wipe off the fingerprints. Also, the display lacks screen protection and gets scratched easily.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Display Button
GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Display Button

One of the key highlights of the GOQii Smart Vital Ultra is the Always-on-display (ADO). The watch supports two AOD modes – Analog Wallpaper and Digital wallpaper. Both modes show you the date and step count along with the time. Unfortunately, GOQii hasn’t provided any option to customize the always-on-display but you can schedule the AOD right from the watch.

By default, AOD is off, and you need to activate it from the watch’s settings. Once you enabled AOD from the watch, you’ll be asked to set the start and end times. Disabling the AOD during non-working hours will help you improve the battery life. AOD starts automatically in a couple of seconds once the display light goes off. You cannot control AOD using the GOQii app, which must be done using the watch.

Note: AOD scheduling feature is available with firmware version 76.2.2. Make sure you update the firmware from the App. To update the GOQii Smart Vital Ultra:

  • Open the ‘GOQii app’
  • Click on the ‘Watch icon’ on the top right
  • In the Settings section, select ‘Firmware Update’
  • Click on ‘Check for Update’. You’ll be notified about a new update available.
  • Click on ‘Update’. The app will send the update to the watch and it will take about five minutes. Once done, the watch will restart and ready for use.

The display is bright with good viewing angles and supports five brightness levels. I tested the display under direct sunlight, and the readability is very good. You can easily read the text and numbers even under bright sunlight. GOQii has done an excellent job with touch-response. The touch response is excellent, and I have not experienced any touch issues during my review. There is no option to increase the font sizes on the watch, but the text and the icons on display are large enough to read and operate.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Watch Face
GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Watch Face

Apart from AOD, the watch also supports the ‘Raise to Wake’ feature. When you raise your wrist, the watch detects hand movement and lights up the screen. Raise to Wake doesn’t work when the AOD is turned ON. The feature can be enabled or disabled from the watch and also through the GOQii companion app. AOD may not be well-suited if you’re working out as it doesn’t show you essential fitness data except the step count. On the rear, you’ll find sensors and charging pins.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Sensor
GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Sensor

The GOQii smart Vital Ultra comes with a high-quality removable silicone strap with a metallic buckle. The strap is made of soft material and has a smooth finish. The strap has 17 holes, enough to give you a comfortable fit. The belt includes two GOQii-branded free loops to keep the watch firmly in its position. The straps are made of premium materials and have not experienced skin irritation or other issues.

The smartwatch is IP68-certified and protects from dust, sweat, and water. I used the watch during high-intensity workouts and heavy rain and did not experience any issues. You can also wear this watch while bathing (cold water only) and swimming. The watch doesn’t support hot water bathing.

Water Resistant
Water Resistant

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Connectivity

The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and has a wireless range of 10 meters. The watch is compatible with Android 4.3 or later with BLE and iOS 10 or later with BLE. To get started, you need to download the GOQii companion app from Google Play or Apple AppStore.

  • Download the GOQii app on your phone
  • Power up the GOQii watch by pressing the power button
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone
  • Open the GOQii app on your phone
  • Sign in or Sign up by providing all necessary details
  • Click on the Watch icon on the top right
  • Select GOQii Smart Vital Ultra
  • Click on Setup Now. The app will start scanning the nearby devices
  • Once detected, you’ll get a confirmation saying ‘GOQii device found
  • Click on ‘Send a Link Request
  • You’ll get a prompt on the watch. Approve it
  • That’s it. The watch is now connected to the app and ready to use

One of the most notable features of GOQii Smart Vital Ultra is uninterrupted connectivity. The watch syncs well with the companion app and hardly takes 10 seconds to connect. Unless you need phone notifications on the watch, you can simply turn off your phone’s Bluetooth to save some battery. Whenever you turn ON your phone’s Bluetooth, the watch connects to the phone automatically and syncs the data. I never experienced any connectivity issues with GOQii Smart Vital Ultra, not even once. The app takes about 15 seconds to fetch the data from the watch.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra UI and Gestures

The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra offers a simple gesture-based user interface, and you can easily navigate the watch features. The curved edges provide a very good user experience, and you’ll not notice any lag. The touch response is excellent and works well, especially during workouts, even if the screen is wet. The watch supports the following gestures.

Quick Settings
Quick Settings
  • Power button – Press once to get access to the home screen, Press again to get access to all watch features
  • Swipe down – Quick shortcuts: Enable/Disable DND, Enable/disable Rise to Wake, Change brightness levels, and Settings shortcut.
  • Swipe up – Today’s data: Steps, Calories burned, Distance traveled, Active time
  • Swipe left – Heart rate, SpO2, Exercise modes, Weather, Music control.
  • Swipe right – Notification log, Music control, Weather, Exercise modes, SpO2, Heart rate
  • Press & Hold – Change the watch faces (Works only on the home screen)
  • Long press the power button – Turn off or Restart the watch

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Features

All-day activity tracking: The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra automatically tracks the number of steps walked, calorie count, distance traveled, and active time. I have compared the watch with Amazfit Bip 3 Pro, and the reading is almost the same. The step counting was precise, and the watch could count the number of steps accurately compared to manual counting.

Like most watches, the data collected on the watch will reset at midnight, and you need to sync the watch at least once before midnight. Else you’ll lose the data. All these data can be checked in the watch’s ‘Today’s Data’ (Swipe up from the home screen) section. Once synced, you can check these data also on the GOQii app.

Sleep tracking: The watch supports Auto Sleep tracking and tracks your sleeping pattern once you sleep. The watch provides data on Hours slept, Restless, Deep / Light sleep, and REM. The watch also continuously records your heart rate and SPo2 data while asleep. The Sleep tracking works fine, and the data gathered is enough to improve your sleeping habits. You’ll get both Night Sleep and Day Sleep data separately.

Continuous heart-rate monitor: The watch supports continuous heart rate monitoring and tracks your heart rate every five minutes. You can also manually check your heart rate anytime in the heart-rate section on the watch. You can check the maximum, minimum, and resting rate right from the watch itself. You can also check the heart rate zones on the watch by swipe up on the heart-rate section.

It takes around 10 seconds to read your heart rate, which can be checked on the watch and the GOQii app post-syncing. The heart rate monitor works very well, and the readings are near-accurate. I have compared the reading of the GOQii Smart Vital Ultra with Amazofot Bip 3 Pro, and the readings are almost identical. The key thing missing is Heart-rate Alert. The watch will not notify you if the heart rate crosses the safe limit. I hope this feature will be added in future updates.

18 exercise modes: The watch supports 18 exercise modes – Run, Workout, Cycle, Walk, Cricket, Yoga, Climb, Aerobics, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Dance, Table-tennis, Rope jump, Sit-ups, Volleyball, Tennis, and Meditation. The watch doesn’t support automatic activity detection, and you’ll have to select the activity from the watch before starting it. Once you select the activity, the watch records the calories burned and heart rate in real time.

Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): Tap on the SPO2 function page to start measuring your SPO2. On the SPO2 page, you can view the SPO2 measured data of the last time. The watch takes about 15 seconds to measure the SpO2 data. The watch tracks the Sp02 every 15 minutes along with the heart rate. You can check the SpO2 log in the GOQii app.


Weather: Once enabled from the app settings, the watch shows the current temperature of the location you set in the GOQii app. You can also check the forecast for the next five days from the watch. The watch must be connected to the phone to show the weather data.

Music player – Like most smartwatches, the GOQii Smart Vital Ultra also supports music control and lets’ you control your phone’s music from the watch. Once you open the music app on your phone, you can use the watch to play/pause and change tracks. Even though the watch show volume +/- buttons it doesn’t work with any apps. So you’ll have to use the phone to increase or decrease the volume. Rest all features work fine with YouTube and YouTube Music app.

Relaxation: It’s also called a Breathing exercise. It has three types – Slightly fast, Normal, and Slightly slow. Once you select the mode and set the time, the watch will tell you when to Inhale and Exhale with a beautiful animation. You just need to follow the instructions on the watch. Once the time is up, the displays show the Initial and Current heart-rate values. You’ll get haptic during and start and also after completing the exercise.

  • Alarm: You can set the Alarm right from the watch itself without help from the phone. You can set the Days and when the Alarm should ring. You cannot set the Alarm using the app; it must be done using the watch only.
  • Stopwatch: Just a regular stopwatch with lap support.
  • Timer: Predefined and custom interval support.
  • Find my phone: In case you misplaced your phone, and if the phone is connected to the watch, you can ring your phone using the ‘Find my phone’ option on the watch. Once you select the option, your smartphone will ring even if it’s in silent mode.
Find my phone
Find my phone

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Watch Settings

  • Wallpaper: Change watch faces
  • Raise to wake: Enable or disable
  • Do not disturb: Enable or disable
  • Screen time – 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds
  • Brightness: Adjust the screen brightness in 5 levels
  • Display always on: Disable / Analog / Digital
  • System settings – Power off, Restart, Reset
  • About – Check the watches’ OS version, MAC address, Serial number
  • Help – Ways to reach GOQii support
  • QR code – You can use this code to Pair the watch with the app

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra App Features

Wallpaper – It is also called Watch Faces. At the time of writing the review, there were about 49 downloadable watch faces. The watch comes preloaded with six watch faces, which can be changed right from the watch. An additional slot can be used to download the wallpapers from the app store. To download the new wallpaper, go to ‘Tracker Settings’ in the GOQii app and Click on ‘Wallpaper update’. Select the wallpaper you like and click on ‘Set Wallpaper. The wallpaper will download to the watch in a few seconds. You can only download one wallpaper at a time.

Apart from the downloadable wallpapers, there is also an option to customize the watch face. You can set your photo as the watch’s wallpaper. You can even set the time position and color. It can be customized using the GOQii app.

Tracker notifications – This option allows you to configure your phone’s notifications on the watch. You can easily control what notifications you want on your watch. These include Phone (Calls), Messages (SMS), and Apps. To get the alerts on your watch, you must exclude the GOQii app from Battery Optimization. Once you open the Notification setting, the GOQii app will guide you through the process of excluding the app from battery optimization.

Voice Call Notification
Voice Call Notification

You’ll get haptic whenever you receive a notification on the watch. You can check the notification history on the watch by swiping right on the home screen. To clear all notifications, swipe down on the Notification screen and tap on ‘Clear All’. You cannot disable the vibration alert.

You can only check the notification but cannot reply from the watch. Also, the watch doesn’t support Emojis. When it comes to calling notifications, you’ll get continuous haptics till you receive the call on your phone. The only issue is a lack of a silence button. You can only reject calls on the watch but cannot silence it. During my testing, push notifications worked fine, and did not experience any notification delay.

  • Continuous Heart Rate: Enable / Disable. If enabled watch will check heart rate every five minutes. There is no way to change the interval.
  • Inactivity alert: Watch will vibrate and remind you to move if you’ve been sitting for too long. You can set the Idle length and Timer interval.
  • Show weather: Enable or Disable the weather display on the watch. Once enabled, you need to select the city manually. Once selected, the weather update of the selected city will show on the app.
  • Raise to Wake – Wake the watch screen when you bring your wrist in front of your face. Once enabled, you must select which wrist (left or right) you’ll wear the tracker. This can also be done through the app.
  • Do Not Disturb: Turn ON to stop receiving notifications on the watch. You need to set the Start time and End time. It also supports Night Mode, wherein the device screen will display the lowest brightness during the set period to save some battery.
  • Display: Time format – (12h or 24h), Distance (Km / mi)
  • Personal Details: Gender, Age, Height, Weight
  • Women Care: Menstrual cycle, Ovulation, and Fertility tracking with reminders. Female users need to feed in their last cycle start date, end date & their usual cycle length.
  • Set Target: Set the Steps, Calories, Distance, and Active Time
  • Drink Water Reminder: Start time, End time, and Interval. The watch will vibrate and remind you to drink water as per the set time and interval.
  • Help: A quick guide on how to use certain watch features.
  • Firmware update: Update your watch if GOQii releases any updates in the future.
  • Unlink tracker: Unlink the tracker from your GOQii account.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Battery

GOQii claims about seven days of battery life on a single charge. As the watch comes with an AMOLED display, the battery life varies based on the watch features you use, like AOD, display brightness, Continuos heart-rate monitoring, etc. AMOLED display looks pretty well and is also helpful but consumes battery. During my testing, I got around 4.5-days of battery life with Continuing heart rate monitoring and Always-on-display ON only during the daytime.

Magnetic Charger
Magnetic Charger

I also used sleeping monitoring for three days. So even if you use the watch 24×7, you’ll easily get three days of battery life. The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra comes with a proprietary magnetic charging port for charging. Just above the heart-rate sensor, you’ll find two magnetic charging points. You need to bring the supplied 2-pin connector of the USB cable near these charging pins, and the connector will connect to the watch through a magnetic pull. Next, insert the other end of the USB cable into a DC 5V/1A power adapter.

The watch took about 80 minutes during my testing to go from 5% to 100%. So you need about 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge the smartwatch. You must use a 5V/2A power adapter to charge the smartwatch. Do not charge the watch using fast chargers. Once the watch goes below 10%, some key features like Sports modes stop working. So make sure you charge the battery before it reaches 10%.

GOQii Subscription

The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra includes a complimentary 3-months personal coaching subscription worth ₹1,999. This means you’ll get access to various benefits offered by GOQii Health Ecosystem. Once activated, you’ll get the following benefits.

  • Access to certified coaches
  • Personal coach with unlimited chat and monthly tele-consult
  • GOQii rewards
  • Access to GOQii health store
  • GOQii Play: Live workout classes
  • Participate in challenges and win prizes
  • Health and nutrition advice based on your health goals from experts
  • Medical consult from a qualified doctor
  • Make like-minded friends
  • Access to digital health locker
  • Offline access to health classes
  • 50 Pro classes with Master trainers

You need to renew the subscription after the completion of 3 months. It’s not mandatory. The watch works absolutely fine without the active subscription, but you’ll not get access to GOQii Health Ecosystem benefits.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Opinion

I have been using GOQii Smart Vital Ultra as my daily driver for more than ten days, and I don’t think I’ll switch to any other watch anytime soon. I am impressed with the display and the accuracy of the fitness data. GOQii hasn’t cluttered this smartwatch with too many features and gave only features that are necessary for newbies. Almost every feature on the watch works perfectly, and you hardly notice any lags.

Even though the watch is priced slightly higher when compared with the same-segment watches, the key benefit is access to the GOQii health platform. Overall the watch is a kind of health package. Once you activate the subscription, you’ll get access to several benefits. The data gathered on the watch will help doctors to analyze your habits and suggest accordingly.

If health is your priority and you would like to adopt new habits to improve your well-being GOQii Smart Vital Ultra is for you. Definitely, the watch will help you lead a healthier and less stressed lifestyle.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra
GOQii Smart Vital Ultra

What I like

  • Excellent display
  • Amazing touch-response
  • Always-on-display
  • Durable design
  • Fluid User interface
  • High-quality strap
  • Accurate steps and heart-rate tracking
  • Water-resistant
  • GOQii Ecosystem

What I don’t like

  • Limited watch faces
  • No stress tracking
  • No Abnormal heart-rate alerts
  • Cannot silence calls
  • No remote capture

Pricing and Availability

The GOQii Smart Vital Ultra comes only in Black color and is priced at ₹3,999. It will be available to purchase via GOQii eStore and eCommerce ports like Amazon.in Flipkart, etc. The smartwatch (excluding the strap) comes with a 1-year standard warranty. If you have any queries, let me know in the comments. You can also send your queries through Facebook and Twitter.

Important: GOQii Smart Vital is not a medical device and is not an alternative to the medical device. The data obtained must be used only for screening & educational purposes. Always consult your Doctor for understanding GOQii Smart Vital results and medical Interventions.

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use GOQii Smart Vital Ultra without a subscription?

Yes. You can use GOQii Smart Vital Ultra even without a GOQii premium subscription. You will not get any offers from GOQii, and you won’t be able to access GOQii sessions and other premium features. All watch features will work without issues, and you can sync all your watch data to the GOQii app. Anyways, you can renew your subscription anytime right from the GOQii app.

Where can I buy GOQii Smart Vital Ultra watch straps?

You can buy watch straps right from the GOQii app. You can buy either a standard watch belt (the one that comes with your watch) or other designer watch straps.

Can I make voice calls using GOQii Smart Vital Ultra?

No. You cannot make voice calls using GOQii Smart Vital Ultra. You’ll only get voice call alerts.
For voice call support check out GOQii Smart Stream.

Does GOQii Smart Vital Ultra support body temperature monitoring?

No. GOQii Smart Vital Ultra doesn’t support body temperature monitoring.

Does GOQii Smart Vital Ultra support stress monitoring?

No. GOQii Smart Vital Ultra doesn’t support stress monitoring.

Does GOQii Smart Vital Ultra support blood pressure monitoring?

No. GOQii Smart Vital Ultra doesn’t support blood pressure monitoring.

Is GOQii Smart Vital Ultra the GOQii Band water resistant?

Yes. GOQii Smart Vital Ultra is IP68 Dust & Waterproof. So you can use the watch when swimming, in the shower or when it rains.

Does GOQii Smart Vital Ultra support Google Fit integration?

You can connect the GOQii app with Google Fit. The data gathered from your watch will not sync to Google Fit, but specific data collected from Google Fit, such as step count, will get synced to the GOQii app.

Can I change the interval of the continuous heart-rate monitor?

No. There is no option to change the interval of the continuous heart-rate monitor. By default, it is set to five minutes.

Can I disable vibration on GOQii Smart Vital Ultra?

No. You cannot. GOQii hasn’t provided any option to disable vibration. The only alternative is to turn ON the ‘Do Not Disturb mode’, which turns off all notifications.

Can I silence a voice call from the GOQii Smart Vital Ultra?

No. You cannot. You can only reject calls from the watch. GOQii Smart Vital Ultra doesn’t support call silencing.

What is the warranty period of GOQii Smart Vital Ultra?

GOQii Smart Vital Ultra comes with a 1-year warranty.

Design & Comfort
User Interface
Companion App
Battery Life
Tracking Accuracy

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GOQii has recently announced a new smartwatch called GOQii Smart Vital Ultra in India. This entry-level fitness tracker comes with an AMOLED display, Continuous heart-tracking, SpO2 tracking, Sleep monitoring, and much more. I have been using this smartwatch for 15 days, and check out...GOQii Smart Vital Ultra Review - Excellent AMOLED Display, Accurate Fitness Tracking