Fujifilm Launches Link Series Smartphone Printers in India Starting at ₹10,999: Print Photos Directly from Your Smartphone

Fujifilm has introduced a special kind of smartphone printer called the Link series in India. These printers can quickly print out photos from your phone, and you can also customize them using a special app called Instax Biz with just one touch. There are three variants in the series – mini Link 2, SQUARE Link, and Link Wide.

Fujifilm Link Series Printers

The mini Link 2 is a slim printer that works with small Instax films. It comes in three colors: soft pink, clay white, and space blue. The printer has cool features like being able to print messages as QR codes that others can scan, and you can also draw on the photos using different brushes and colors. Plus, it has special modes, like “Instax-Natural Mode” and “Instax-Rich Mode,” which are specially optmized for taking pictures during special occasions like holidays, festivals, birthdays, and trips.

The SQUARE Link smartphone printer prints your pictures in just 90 seconds. It comes in two colors: Plain Ash White and Midnight Green. This printer is easy to carry and has a rechargeable battery, which is suitable for long trips or vacations. It also has cool features like adding special effects and doodles to your photos using augmented reality (AR). You can even put messages on top of your pictures using INSTAX Connect.

The Link Wide printer is specially designed to print bigger pictures. This printer can print pictures taken on your phone on a wide piece of film that’s twice as big as the regular Instax print. You can use it to print large group photos or landscapes. Even though it makes big prints, it’s small and easy to carry around. It comes in two colors: a stylish Ash White and a fancy Mocha Gray. To keep these big prints safe, you can get the Wide Album and the Acrylic Photo Frame.

The Link printer range starts from ₹10,999, and it will be available online via Amazon India and also through select offline retail stores across India starting 1st November 2023. Find more details on variants and pricing below.

ModelCombo NameFilms IncludedMRPCombo Content
Mini Link 2Mini Link 2 StandaloneNA₹13,999NA
Mini Link 2 Starter Kit10 Shots₹15,499Mini Film White Frame
Mini Link 2 Goodness Box100 Shots₹20,999Combination of mini white frame and mini designer films
SQ LinkSQ Link StandaloneNA₹20,999NA
SQ Link Starter Kit10 Shots₹21,999SQ Film White Frame 10×1
SQ Link Goodness Kit100 Shots₹28,999Combination of SQ Film white frame & designer films
Link WideLink Wide StandaloneNA₹21,999NA
Link Wide Starter Kit20 shots₹22,999Wide Film White Frame
Link Wide Goodness Box100 Shots₹29,999Combination of Wide Film white frame & designer films

“In the ever-evolving market of smart technology, Fujifilm is committed to delivering cutting-edge products like Link smartphone printer series that enhance the user experience and elevate the art of photography. We have just simplified the printing process in the most effective manner by making it portable enough to be connected to a smartphone. We are sure that the introduction of the Fujifilm smartphone printer series Link will pave a new roadmap to smartphone printer usage in India.” said Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices Business, Fujifilm India.

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