Enable WiFi Calling on Mi A2: Step by Step Instructions

Mi A2 is one of the most popular smartphones from Xiaomi in India due to its clutter-free software experience and regular monthly security updates. Recently the device has also received Google’s latest Android 10 with January 2020 security patch. Due to the popularity of Wi-Fi Calling, many users were expecting the feature along with the Android 10 update. But it didn’t happen. Even though the company is expected to release the WiFi Calling feature in the upcoming software update here is an easy way that allows you to enable the WiFi calling in Mi A2.

Mi A2 WiFi Calling

Note: GizArena is not responsible for any issues or damage or any kind of data loss to your device. Follow this tutorial on your own risk.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling on Xiaomi Mi A2

In the first step, you’ll have to disable the Wi-Fi calling check. The process is very simple and doesn’t require any 3rd party app installations. All you have to do is:

  • Open the Dialer
  • enter this code – *#*#869434#*#*
  • Once you dial, you’ll get a small notification saying “Vowifi carrier check was disabled”

Once you disable the VoWiFi carrier check, now enable the VoWiFi in the Dialer settings. To do so:

  • Open Dialer
  • Tap on Menu icon on the top right
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Calling accounts
  • Then, select your Network Operator (Ex. Airtel, Jio, etc.)
  • Select the option Wi-Fi Calling
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi Calling by tapping on the Toggle

That’s it. You’ve successfully enabled Wi-Fi Calling on your Primary SIM. Now, follow the same method (Calling accounts -> Select the second SIM) to enable Wi-Fi Calling on your second SIM. This method is tested successfully on the Airtel network with BSNL ISP. Check out the screenshots below.

Note: If you experience any issues with Call Quality or Network, disable the Vowifi carrier check. Simply Dial *#*#869434#*#* once again which disables the VoWiFi and you’ll get a message saying “Vowifi carrier check was enabled“.

Drop your queries in the comments if any. Also, if you are able to activate the VoWiFi on your smartphone share the Mobile Network and ISP name with us in the comment section. Follow GizArena on Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.


  1. Hey ! Actually I’m facing a problem regarding wifi calling in my mi A3…I already enable WiFi calling on my device and I have vi sim…did it work for vi sim

  2. Wow it’s mid 2023 and i just tried this on my international Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and it works! It disabled the checking and I see the option. I can’t toggle the wifi calling for some reason but I think it’s an issue on my side as this sim has not connected to this network in this phone yet ( no cell service here). Will try tomorrow and update you all.

  3. Thanks so much Satwik. I am very very thankful to you as I was facing network issues for long until I read your article. Now my phone is working fantastic. I was not even aware that there is wi fi calling available in MI A2.

    Thanks once again buddy.

  4. Successfully enabled but there is a problem with network.
    As I turn off my wifi emergency call/no service is shown on Airtel sim.
    And also unable to send or receive messages.

    Please help

  5. I have enabled referring to the steps mentioned above.
    Even though i have connected to my wifi, wifi calling doesn’t work. At my place there is no network for airtel indoors, will wifi calling work in that case or does it require atleast minimum mobile network to be available for wifi calling to work?

    • You can make wifi calls with little or even no cellular network. But, your internet service provider should support WiFi calling. WiFi calling depends on cellular Network, phone model, and ISP.

  6. Thanks a lot for the trick, it works! Is there any way to enable it for text message also as it will be helpful with OTP ?

  7. Today surprisingly WiFi calling started working on my VI (Idea) card as well. Looks like VI is enabling it phases. Anyway thanks for the trick.

  8. Hello there, thanks for the trick that you have shared but please research how can we enable wifi calling over the Jio network using Mi A2. I have two sims on my phone Sim1-Jio and Sim2-Airtel. For both of them, I have enabled wifi calling for airtel it is working absolutely fine but for the Jio it is not don’t know what’s the reason. I also experience that person on the other side of the call not able to hear me while calling keeping wifi connected on Jio. But one thing I know for sure that it can work on Jio also because I have seen it once when I was receiving a call on Jio it was catching the call through and the Jio WiFi HD call was written at the top.

  9. I have Airtel number and Airtel fibre broadband the wifi calling is set on mi a2 but quality is poor means sometime call silents in between while internet speed is good. I can see MI A2 IS not in suppported list of Airtel.Anyone faces such issue or what should be next step?

  10. In my mia2 after dialing the code i am getting the message of vowifi is enabled but when i go to settings>calling accounts>airtel i am not getting the option of wifi calling.
    i am using jio fiber. is there any problem?? how to fix it??

  11. BSNL Bharat Fiber Internet & Airtel 4G sim VoWiFi is working. I am able to send messages as well but not able to receive.
    In the same handset I have Jio sim as well but it’s not working.

  12. Vowifi carrier check code *#*#869434#*#* is not working for me. I am not getting any response message as given in your screenshot. I tried restarting the phone, but no luck. I am using Airtel sim.

    • Thanks for the update Azeem. If possible please share the screenshot of WiFi Calling on the Jio network to admin[at]gizarena.com

  13. Seems like Hathway is not supporting WIFI calling . I am using Jio as my primary sim and ISP is hathway. Any idea how to rectify this?

  14. I can’t see the wifi calling feature in my settings. And I can’t dial the code too the second I type the * at the end it clears the whole code

      • I am sorry, just the option got enabled but not working with Jio when I inserted Airtel it worked perfect. My broadband is joister

        • Thanks for the update summit. Yes. it’s not working with Jio. As of now, only working with Airtel on almost all popular ISP’s.

  15. Hi would like to revert on the MI A2 VoWiFi it is not working with by any means
    My carrier is Jio and it is VoWiFi enable
    My is already updated to Android 10 with Security patch

  16. It worked. With Airtel sim card and Honest fiber net service. Try updating to latest android software and March 2020 security update.
    Initially it didn’t work but after restarting my phone it worked.
    Ps. Wifi Calling icon will only come when calls get connected.

  17. Excellent. I was waiting for this. tried so many things. At last, it worked thanks a lot …:) Sim Airtel / Wifi- Railwire

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