How to Setup Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2: Step by Step Instructions

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 is an affordable wifi range extender comes with two built-in high-performance antennas to extend the existing router signal range. This device is compact and also works with Powerbanks, Powerstrips, Laptops, etc. Setting up the Mi WiFi Repeater will take about 10 minutes and all you need is the Mi Home app. This app is compatible with Android smartphones with Android 4.0.3 or later and iOS devices with iOS 9.0 or later. Find the step by step instruction below.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2 Setup
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2

1. Setting up the Mi WiFi Repeater 2
2. Change the Username and Password
3. Reset the Mi WiFi Repeater 2

How to Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2?

  • Download the Mi Home app from Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Open Mi Home App on your smartphone
  • Read and agree with Terms & Conditions. Select the region as India
  • Tap on Sign in and enter your existing Mi account Username and Password. If you don’t have the Mi account click on Sign Up and Create a new Mi account
Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2
  • Plugin-in the repeater to a power source. Make a note that, this device comes with a USB port so you’ll have to connect it a powerbank or use any standard USB power adapter. Once the device powers up, Yellow LED will start glowing at the rear side of the device
  • Tap on Add Device
  • Select your Mi WiFi Repeater
Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2
  • Now, select your WiFi network. Make sure your Primary WiFi router is turned on and WiFi light is glowing on it. In the below screenshot, GizArena is the name of my WiFi router
  • Enter the Password and Select OK
Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2
  • Tap on Next
  • If the entered password is right, the Repeater will connect to your existing WiFi Router and you’ll receive a message saying ‘Device added’. This process will take a few seconds
  • Tap on Done
Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2
  • Now select your device location such as Bedroom, Kitchen etc. This step is Optional
  • Tap on Use Now to complete the process. The Blue status light on your Repeater indicates that the repeater is ready for use
  • The WiFi ID (SSID) of your Repeater will end with _plus (Here GizArena_plus is my repeater WiFi ID). The password for the network will remain same as your Router
  • Now exit the MiHome app and connect your devices to ending with _plus network
Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2

How to change the Username and Password of Mi WiFi Repeater 2?

  • Open Mi Home app on your smartphone
  • Select your WiFi Repeater from the Home screen
  • Tap on WiFi Settings
  • Delete the existing and enter the new Name
  • Enter the new Password
  • If you want to hide the WiFi ID (SSID), enable the Hide network option
  • Tap on OK to change the User Name and Password
Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2

How to Reset the Mi WiFi Repeater 2?

Reset Mi WiFi Repeater 2
  • Plug the WiFi Repeater to a power source
  • Insert a PIN in the Reset hole provide just below the LED indicator
  • Press and hold the reset button for 5-8 seconds until the light turns yellow
  • Now, Open the Mi Home app and configure the repeater

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That’s a wrap. This repeater is tested with Mi Router 3C, D-Link 2730U, D-Link DIR 600M, and BSNL DSLW200. Do let us know in the comments if you’re exepreing any issues with the repeater setup. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

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