Vivo Announces 5G-ready Innovations, Vivo AR Glass and Super FlashCharge 120W at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019

At MWC Shanghai 2019, Vivo announces various 5G-ready Innovations, Vivo AR Glass and Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W. The company has also demonstrated a range of 5G applications on its commercial 5G smartphone which will be officially available in Q3 2019. According to Vivo, the phone supports 5G network with a revolutionary 3D stacking design that can free up more space for hardware, keeping the smartphone sleek and thin while maintaining the 5G network strength.

Vivo 5G Smartphone
Vivo 5G Smartphone

5G Screen Mirroring – Using 5G networks and cloud server transfers, smartphones can quickly transfer their screen displays to computers, TVs, projectors, enabling synchronized screen mirroring, & showcasing videos to a bigger screen such as Smart TVs, etc. while using the smartphone as the control. Apart from these two applications, Vivo has also announced 5G EasyShare. In 5G EasyShare, the Files are transmitted to the cloud via 5G networks, which creates rapid data transfer between the cloud, smartphone, and the computer end.

Vivo Screen Mirror

5G Cloud Game – In 5G Cloud gaming, the games run in the cloud instead of the mobile device itself. Every single player interaction on their smartphone is transmitted to the cloud for real-time execution and rendering. The video and audio stream is then transmitted from the cloud to the smartphone for display in real time through the 5G network.

Vivo Cloud Game

Vivo AR Glass supports dual-screen display and 6DoF Technology. After connecting with the 5G smartphone, users can experience a range of applications such as mobile office, AR games, 3D high-definition video, facial recognition and object recognition on the vivo AR Glass. Once the vivo AR Glass projects the content, the 5G smartphone will then act as the control that allows the user to switch and select applications. Currently, Vivo AR Glass supports Mobile game, Mobile office, 5G Theatre, Facial recognition, and Object recognition.

Vivo AR Glass
Vivo AR Glass

Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W is a first in the industry technology that delivers 120W ultra-high power charging. The Super FlashCharge 120W features a new charge pump technology packaged with a highly customized Type-C cable and travel charger, achieving 120W ultra-high power charging (20V/6A). It takes only 5 minutes to charge a battery from 0% to 50% and can charge a smartphone with a 4,000mAh battery in just 13 minutes.

Vivo Flash Charge

The Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W is supported by an independent MCU controller in the smartphone that monitors the battery performance in real-time to dynamically adjust power output. This technology also includes two in-built charge pump IC to increase charging efficiency and IC layout design to optimize the temperature. According to Vivo, the Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W has also gone through many stringent tests to ensure its durability and reliability is met. Furthermore, Vivo also announces various AR applications such as:

  • Vivo AR 3D Launcher – Allows users to operate desktop tasks using the eye tracker system and phone touchscreens
  • Vivo AR Office – Allows users to view and answer emails on AR glasses, making mobile office work both faster and more convenient
  • Vivo AR Game – Features improved 6DoF interaction and joint commands via both smartphones and eye gaze
  • Vivo AR Showroom – Access cloud resources through 5G networks, allowing users to directly experience 3D binocular HD video playing on AR glasses, just like watching movies in a movie theater

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