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Samsung Galaxy M30s Tips & Tricks – Fast Cable Charging, HEIF, Dolby ATMOS, Hide Apps

Samsung Galaxy M30s is the first smartphone in India to feature a massive 6,000mAh battery and also comes with AMOLED display at an aggressive price tag of ₹13,999 for a 4GB/64GB variant. It runs on Android 9 Pie with Samsung OneUI 1.5 and includes various customizations for improved user experience. Checks out some useful Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features of Galaxy M30s in detail below.

Galaxy M30s Tips & Tricks

Galaxy M30s Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

Table of Contents
Screen modes
Blue light filter & Night mode
Font size & Style
Customize navigation bar
Show battery percentage
Flash notification
Dual messenger
Motion & Gestures
Hide Apps
Panic mode
Increase touch sensitivity
Always-on display
App shortcuts
Device care
4K video recording
Save some space with HEIF
AR Emoji Shortcut
Power modes
Floating shutter button
Add watermark to photo
Fast cable charging
Quick Optimize Widget

Screen Modes

Galaxy M30s includes two different screen modes – Vivid and Natural. Vivid mode is user adjustable. Once you select the Vivid mode, adjust the slider at the bottom according to your comfort. To change the Screen mode, Go to Settings -> Display -> Screen mode

Galaxy M30s Screen Modes
Vivid Cool, Vivid Warm, Natural

Blue Light Filter & Night Mode

The blue light filter filters out the Blue light to reduce the eye strain and Night mode uses a darker theme to provide a comfortable viewing experience during the night time. Both Blue light filter & Night mode can be turned On with one tap or schedule it such as Sunset to Sunrise or set to a custom duration like 6 AM to 6 PM. To turn On goto, Settings -> Display.

Blue light filter & Night mode
Night Mode Off, Night Mode On

Font Size & Style

One of the key features of Samsung’s OneUI is font customization. It comes with three different fonts – Default (Samsung), SamsungOne, & Gothic Bold. To change the font in Galaxy M30s, Goto Settings -> Display -> Font size & Style. Change the font style from available three options including the default font or download more fonts from the Galaxy store. You can also change the font size by adjusting the slider and make it bold by tapping the Bold font. To download 3rd party fonts:

  • Go to Settings -> Display -> Font size & Style -> Font Style
  • Tap on Download fonts
  • You’ll be redirected to Galaxy Store
  • Download the fonts from the list of available fonts
Download fonts for Galaxy M30s
Change and Download Fonts in Galaxy M30s

Customize Navigation Bar

The navigation bar can be easily switched to either Navigation Buttons or Full screen gestures. The full screen gesture mode removes the bottom bar and you get more screen real estate for your apps. To customize the navigation bar go to Settings -> Navigation bar.

Galaxy M30s Navigation Bar
Nav Buttons, Full screen gestures with Hints, Hints Disabled

Show Battery Percentage

By default, Galaxy M30s shows you the approximate battery levels in terms of an icon placed on the top right. But, to know exactly how much battery is left in your Galaxy M30s, turn on the battery percentage indicator. Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Status bar -> enable Show battery percentage

Battery Percentage Indicator in Galaxy M30s
Battery Percentage Indicator

Flash Notification

Flash Notification is one of the most useful accessibility features of Galaxy M30s. Once enabled, your phone’s camera flash or the screen starts flashing when you receive a notification. To turn on the flash notification go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing -> Advanced Settings -> Flash Notification. Turn on Camera Flash or Screen Flash.

Galaxy M30s Camera Flash
Galaxy M30s Camera Flash

Dual Messenger

Dual Messenger allows you to use one single app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. with two different accounts. To enable the Dual apps, go to Settings -> Advanced features -> Dual Messenger. The supported apps will be shown in this section and simply enable the toggle to activate. Once you enable, a second app icon will appear on the Home screen for easy navigation.

Galaxy M30s Dual Apps
Galaxy M30s Dual Apps

Motions & Gestures

Samsung Galaxy M30s comes preloaded with various Motions & Gestures for better user experience. To enable the Motions & Gestures, go to Settings -> Advanced featuresMotions & Gestures.

  • Smart Alert – Phone vibrates for missed calls & text messages when you pick it up.
  • Lift to wake – Screen turns on automatically when you pick up the phone.
  • Double-tap to wake – When the screen is Off, Double-tap on the screen to turn on.
  • Easy mute – Mute alarms & calls by placing your hand over the screen or turning the phone’s face down.
  • Smart stay – Keep the screen On while you looking at it.
Galaxy M30s Motions & Gestures
Galaxy M30s Motions & Gestures

Hide Apps

You can hide specific apps in the Galaxy M30s. This feature keeps the selected apps hidden from the Home screen as well as from the Menu. To hide the apps, Long press on the home screen -> Home Screen Settings -> Hide Apps. Now, select the apps you want to hide by tapping on it and tap on Apply. To unhide the apps, go to Hide Apps and deselect the apps.

Hide apps in Galaxy M30s
Hide apps in Galaxy M30s

Panic Mode

It’s a safety feature of Galaxy M30s that calls emergency number 112 and also sends an SOS message when you are in an emergency situation. Quickly press the power button three times in case of any emergency, the phone will dial 112 and also send SMS to predefined contacts.

Panic Mode in Galaxy M30s
Panic Mode in Galaxy M30s

Increase Touch Sensitivity

In case if you are using a screen guard or screen protector especially tempered glass on the Galaxy M30s, you may experience a little drop in the touch sensitivity. But, the Galaxy M30s has an inbuilt feature to increase the touch sensitivity when you use the device with a screen protector. To increase the sensitivity, go to Settings -> Display-> enable Touch Sensitivity

Galaxy M30s Touch Sensitivity
Galaxy M30s Touch Sensitivity

Always On Display

Always-On display shows a clock along with unread notifications when your phone is not in use just like a desk clock. There are multiple options to choose from – Tap to show, Show always or Show as scheduled. It will also show music information when the FaceWidget music controller is in use.

Galaxy M30s Always On Display
Galaxy M30s Always On Display

App Shortcuts

When your phone is locked, you can create a shortcut of any two apps on the lock screen so that you can directly open those apps without unlocking the phone. You can either place the shortcuts in the bottom corners or as a Floating button. Go to Settings -> Lock screen -> App Shortcuts and select the left & right shortcut.

App Shortcuts in Galaxy M30s
App Shortcuts in Galaxy M30s

Device Care

The Galaxy M30s comes preloaded performance optimization feature called Device care that automatically optimizes your phone once a day. You can also optimize manually by going to Settings -> Device care -> Optimise now. The device care performs various tasks such as:
– Analyzes battery usage on a per-app basis
– Identifies battery-draining apps
– Removes unnecessary files automatically
– Manages and frees up RAM efficiently
– Detects malware (viruses, spyware) and provides real-time protection

Galaxy M30s Device Care
Galaxy M30s Device care

4K Video Recording

Samsung Galaxy M30s is powered by the Exynos 9611 Octa-core Processor with a 64MP triple camera module on the rear side and supports 4K video recording out of the box. To turn on the 4K video recording, Open the Camera -> Tap on the Settings icon the top left -> select Rear video size -> Tap on Resolution -> Select UHD 3840 x 2160.

4K Video Recording Galaxy M30s
Galaxy M30s 4K Video Recording

Save Some Space With HEIF

Galaxy M30s supports High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) and reduces the size of the clicked photo once enabled. Similarly, High Efficiency Video Format (HEVF) reduces the size of the captured video and saves some internal storage. Make a note that, both HEIF & HEVF may not play on other devices and you may be not able to share these on some photo ore video sharing sites. To enable HEIF, Open the Camera -> Tap on the Settings icon the top left -> enable HEIF pictures (Photo) or High Efficiency video.

HEIF mode on Galaxy M30s
HEIF mode on Galaxy M30s

AR Emoji Shortcut

AR Emoji can be activated by tapping the AR Emoji button on the top left of the camera viewfinder. But, you can also create a shortcut on the Apps Screen for faster access. Go to Settings -> Apps -> tap on the Settings icon in front of the AR Emoji -> enable Add AR Emoji icon.

Galaxy M30s AR Emoji
Galaxy M30s AR Emoji

Power Modes

The best part of the Galaxy M30s is the mammoth 6,000mAh battery that easily lasts a day with frequent usage and up to 2 days with normal usage. But, if you still want to extend battery backup, enable the pre-defined power-saving modes that extend the battery life by managing the background services. To enable the power saving mode, go to Settings -> Device Care> Battery -> Power mode.

Galaxy M30s Power Modes
Galaxy M30s Power Modes


For a better Audio experience, Galaxy M30s supports Dolby ATMOS but it works only with Wired or Wireless Headphones/Earphones. To enable Dolby ATMOS on Galaxy M30s, goto Settings -> Sounds & Vibrations -> Advanced sound settings -> Sound quality & effects -> Enable Dolby ATMOS. You can either opt for Auto mode or manually switch to Movie, Music, or Voice mode.

Dolby ATMOS on Galaxy M30s
Galaxy M30s Dolby ATMOS

Floating Shutter Button

The floating shutter button is useful when you take selfies or regular photos with one hand. The Floating button can be positioned anywhere over the viewfinder. To enable the floating button, Open the Camera -> tap on the Settings on the top left -> Shooting methods -> Floating Shutter button. Apart from this, there is also an option called Show palm that allows you to take a selfie by showing your palm.

Floating Shutter Button
Galaxy M30s Floating Shutter Button

Add Watermark To Photo

To add watermark to photos, Open the Camera -> tap on the Settings on the top left -> scroll down and select Watermark. Input your watermark text such as Shot by GizArena.

Add watermark to photo
Add Watermark to Photos

Fast Cable Charging

Galaxy M30s supports Fast cable charging that charges the device more quickly. If this option is On, the device may become hot while charging and but it is normal. Always use the supplied power adapter and USB Type-C Cable for better results. To enable Fast Cable Charging goto Settings -> Device care -> Battery -> Settings -> enable Fast Cable Charging.

Fast cable charging  Fast Cable Charging
Galaxy M30s Fast Cable Charging

Quick Optimize Widget

Device Care is a useful feature of Galaxy M30s that allows you to optimize the device performance. You can optimize the device by going to Settings -> Device Care. But, you can perform the optimization without going to Settings. Simply add a Quick Optimize widget on the home screen and tap on it whenever you want to optimize the device. To add a widget, Long press on the Homescreen -> Home screen settings -> Add the Device care widget to the home screen.

Quick Optimize Widget Galaxy M30s
Galaxy M30s Quick Optimize Widget

That’s a wrap. Drop your queries in the comments if any. Follow GizArena on Facebook and Twitter for the latest tech updates.


  1. Hello, nice one.. But I cud not enable Dolby speakers in my phone. The options are blurred and can’t enable. Even in camera, Auto HDR option also I can’t turn on. Please assist. Thank you for this article..

  2. My Samsung Galaxy M30s is showing sending “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” and it is draining the battery. Can you please help to fix.


  3. Useful Hidden features in Samsung M30S. Thank you satwik.
    I have a doubt. I used my mobiile’s internet connection via usb tethering to my pc. recent days its not working. Only charging notification occurs. how to fix.
    p.s. USB cable is from samsung

    • I am glad you liked it. Did you enable USB Tethering from the settings? If yes, You’ll get a notification saying ‘Tethering or hotspot active’. If you don’t get this notification means something is wrong. As a primary workaround, Enable USB tethering -> Go to Mobile Settings and search for ‘USB Preferences’ and change the default setting to ‘USB Tethering’. Let me know if it works.

    • Hi Atul, as far as I know, it’s not possible to take photos using the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy M30s. Instead, you can use the Volume button to click the photos. Else, try any 3rd party apps from the Play Store.

    • Go to settings -> advanced features -> motions and gestures -> enable “double tap to turn of screen”.

      Goto home screen and double tap by your finger on the free space of your home screen to turn of your screen.

  4. The details given is very good, but i want to know how to close the home screen or lock screen or other screen views with onscreen buttons or navigation buttons other than using power off key on the side of samsung M30s phones.

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