RAEGR Launches ‘RapidLink 1150’ 65W PD GaN Charger for Smartphones, Notebooks, and Gaming Consoles

RAEGR officially launches RapidLink 1150 GaN Charger in India. The new multi-purpose power adapter can be used to charge various gadgets with the speed and safety of the latest GaN technology. It is compatible with most devices that require fast chargers and is capable of charging compatible devices with an output of up to 65 watts.


The RapidLink 1150 is based on the GaN (Gallium Nitride) chip technology that reduces the overall size of a charger by almost 40%, runs cooler, saves more power, and charges faster than conventional fast chargers. It comes with dual USB ports to fast-charge up to two devices simultaneously and also includes a PD (Power Delivery) USB Type-C port and a USB Type-A port that supports Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0). The charger works with most smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and also laptops including the Apple MacBook.

The USB PD port on the RapidLink 1150 can deliver a maximum of 65 watts and can charge a MacBook from 0 – 100% in 2 to 3 hours. The charger also sports a USB Type-A port featuring Quick Charge 3.0 with a maximum power output of 18W. When using both ports, the USB Type-C PD port will output a maximum of 45W, while the USB-A port will supply a maximum of 18W.


The RAEGR RapidLink 1150 is also equipped with a built-in chip that safeguards your connected devices against excessive heating, overcharging, overvoltage and overcurrent. It is compatible with various devices such as Apple iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Nintendo Switch to name a few.

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It can support up to 18W Quick Charge C3.0 Charging, PD 18W fast-charging for all iPhones, 27W PPS fast-charging for Galaxy Note 20 / Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S21 Series, PD 45W for the new MacBook Air, Dell XPS, Type-C Ultra Books, and PD 65W for new MacBook Pro. Additionally, The RapidLink 1150 is also BIS certified, making it ideal for Indian power requirements and socket types.

The RAEGR RapidLink 1150 65W GaN Dual PD + USB Charger comes in White color and is priced at ₹3,999. It will be available to purchase on Amazon.in starting 2nd August 2021. The charger comes with a standard industrial warranty of 1 year. Customers can avail of an additional 6 months of warranty upon registering the product on the RAEGR’s official website.


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