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Proxgy Launches Virtual Commerce Platform: Navigate the Physical World Using Human Avatar

VR enabled startup Proxgy launches Virtual Commerce Platform in India. Proxgy enables its users to book a real-world human avatar anytime at every serviceable place and navigate the physical world through that proxy avatar while sitting at home in a live manner. Proxgies can be booked for shopping, virtual travel, elderly care, real estate viewing, remote KYC, car servicing, and other generic tasks.


According to the brand, Proxgy uses patent-pending technologies to provide live video and audio stream to users through a proprietary smart helmet which has a 360-degree rotatable camera mounted on top. The camera is controlled by the user via a multi-directional joystick within the Proxgy user app.

Once a Proxgy accepts a user’s booking, the user is linked in an instantaneous ride-hailing manner to his or her Proxgy via two-way audio and one-way video. The user can then see and listen live to what their Proxgy is seeing and hearing in the place of Proxgy’s service, while the user sits at home and asks their Proxgy to perform the tasks of his choosing via audio commands through the Proxgy’s service app.

Proxgy Smart Helmet

Users have an option to receive the live feeds from Proxgy’s helmet on their app and view it on their phone screen, though a VR device, or cast the feed to the bigger screens. Proxgy services now started expanding across multiple cities and are available to perform dedicated tasks such as shopping, virtual travel, elderly care, car servicing etc. also various B2B & B2C services. 

Proxgy Android App

Proxgy is currently in beta and is accepting limited users every day. Users can request early access by visiting proxgy.com or downloading the Proxgy Android app from Google Play Store and signing up for an exclusive invitation.

Commenting on the launch Pulkit Ahuja said, “These cutting edge technological innovations have helped us create a truly immersive and exceptional augmented reality experience for the end-user. Proxgy is now using 360-degree rotation cameras on Proxgy smart helmets, 3D viewing options, VR head controlled camera movements and one to many broadcasting abilities to provide the end-user an ultimate mix of the real and augmented worlds right at their home.” 

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