Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) Launched in India at ₹11,999: Features & Specifications

Along with the Mi Band 4 and Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2, Xiaomi also launches Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) at the #SmarterLiving event held in Bengaluru. According to Xiaomi, its a category-first Smart Water Purifier specifically made for India. The Water Purifier connects to the Mi Home App and and monitors the TDS level, UV sterilisation status and also the volume of purified water in real time.

Mi Smart Water Purifier
Mi Smart Water Purifier

It also monitors the filter life of each of the three cartridges and sends out notifications when a replacement is needed. You can Even can even order a cartridge right from the App. Another key highlight of this purifier is the DIY module. All the filters can be easily replaced on your own in less than 30 seconds without any help from the customer service team. Xiaomi has also confirmed that the Mi Smart Water purifier (RO+UV) is tested and passed as per Indian Standards IS 10500:2012 (Drinking Water), IS 14543:2004 (Packaged Drinking Water) and IS 14724:1999 (Water Purifiers with UV disinfection).

Mi Smart Water Purifier
Mi Smart Water Purifier

The Mi Smart Water Purifier makes use of a multi-stage filtration process that filters out larvae, parasites, bacteria, virus and larger particulates for pure clean water. It has a minimalist design features a penta purification process which comprises of three filters:

  • PolyPropylene+Activated Carbon (PPC) – Intercepts large and visible particles
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) – filters out heavy metals, scales, and organic matter with
  • PAC filter – Removes odour and organic substances
  • In-tank UV light – kills bacteria and viruses with up to 99.99% efficiency
Mi Smart Water Purifier Cartridge
Mi Smart Water Purifier Cartridge

Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) comes in White color and available via Mi.com, Flipkart and Mi Homes for ₹11,999 starting 29th September 2019 at 12 noon. The complete set of filter cartridges (RO+POC+PPC) will be available for ₹3,997 and you can also purchase individual filter cartridge based on your requirement.

Mi Smart Water Purifier Specifications

  • Tank Capacity – 7-Liter
  • Filter Life – Upto 12 Months
  • Water Inout Type – Local Tap Water
  • Applicable Water Temperature – 5°C to 38°C
  • Wi-Fi Connection – Yes
  • Purified Water Flow Rate – 0.13L/min
  • TDS Reduction – Up to 90%
  • Input Water Condition
  • Water Pressure – 0.03–0.4MPa
  • Voltage – 220–240 V
  • Rated Frequency – 50Hz
  • Rated Power – 42W
  • Anti-shock Protection Type – Class II
  • Model number – MRB13
  • Dimensions – 30 x 20.7 x 52.3cm
  • Net Weight – 6.7kg

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