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Mi Box 4K FAQ: Expandable Storage, Games, Data Saver, Android Updates and more

Xiaomi has recently launched Mi Box 4K, a smart streaming device to convert your non-smart TV into a smart TV. Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) to clarify your doubt on the device. If your question is not listed here, do let us know in the comments and we’ll answer those questions as soon as possible.

Mi Box 4K FAQ

What is Mi Box 4K?

The Mi Box 4K is an Android-powered streaming device wherein you can stream content from popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc. You can also play games and install thousands of apps & games from the Google Play store. Additionally, you can even mirror your smartphone screen onto the TV.

What is the price and where can I buy the Mi Box 4K in India?

The Xiaomi Mi Box 4K is priced at ₹3,499 and will be available to purchase on Flipkart, Mi.com, Mi Home, and Mi Studio.

Does Mi Box 4K run on Android?

Yes. Mi Box 4K runs on Android TV OS. Make a note that, it uses Stock Android UI and doesn’t include Patchwall like most of the Xiaomi Smart TVs. Except for Pacthwall features, you’ll be able to use almost all Android TV features such as download apps and games from Google Play, Data Saver mode, Google assistant, etc. Out of the box, the Mi Box 4K runs on Android TV version 9 with 5 March 2020 Android security patch.

What is the difference between Google Chromecast and a Mi Box 4K?

Chromecast uses your smartphone to stream the content to your TV wherein Mi Box 4K allows you to stream content on the TV without the need of your smartphone. Also, you can install various apps and games on Mi Box 4K wherein it is not possible to install apps and games on Chromecast. In simple terms, Mi Box 4K is an independent device, but Chromecast requires a smartphone to send content to the TV.

What are the ports available on Mi Box 4K?

There are four ports on Mi Box 4K – Audio Out, HDMI, USB Port, and Power port. 

Can I play movies stored in my USB drive using the Mi Box 4K?

Yes. You can play the videos or images stored in your USB drive. Mi Box 4K supports the following formats – RM,MOV,VOB,AVI,MKV,TS,Mp4,3D, MP3, JPG,BMP,GIF,PNG,TIF.

Does Mi Box 4K support HDR?

Yes. Mi Box 4K supports HDR10 along side 4K video.

Does Mi Box 4K support Dolby Atmos?

Mi Box supports Dolby Audio + DTS 2.0 Digital Out but does not support Dolby Vision. If you are looking Dolby ATMOS support have a look at Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

What are the OTT apps or streaming services supported by Mi Box 4K?

Except the official Apple TV app, Mi Box 4K supports almost all OTT apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Voot Kids, Disney+Hotstar, etc.

Can I turn on Mi Box 4K using the USB port?

No. You cannot. There is a dedicated power port and you’ll have to use the supplied adapter to power the Mi Box 4K.

How many Android updates I’ll get on Mi Box 4K?

Out of the box, Mi Box 4K runs on Android TV 9 but there is no update cycle just like smartphones. Even, Xiaomi hasn’t mentioned anything about the future Android Updates. So there is no guarantee that you’ll receive future updates.

Does Mi Box support voice assistant?

The Mi Box 4K runs on Android TV OS and comes with a built-in Google Assistant. It can be accessed right from the top left side of the home screen. Additionally, the IR Remote supplied with the Mi Box 4K has a dedicated Google Assistant button and you can give the commands to Assistant with a single push of a button.

Does Mi Box 4K supports OTA Updates?

Yes. Mi Box 4K does support OTA updates. Xiaomi has already released an OTA update few days after the product launch to fix a few critical issues. Whenever there is an update available, you’ll get a notification on the screen just like your Android smartphone.

Can i stream 4K content from my smartphone?

Yes. Using the Chromecast feature you can stream 4K content to the TV right from your phone. Either you can stream the 4K content from the apps such as Prime Video, Video, etc. or stream the 4K video which is already downloaded on your phone using Google Photos. To stream the content both your phone and Mi Box 4K should be connected to the same WiFi network. You can also watch the videos by mirroring your phone to TV.

Can I play games on Mi Box 4K?

Yes. you can play some basic games using the supplied Bluetooth Remote. But, for advanced games you need an external gaming controller. While downloading a game you’ll be notified if the game requires a gaming controller. The games which don’t require gamepad will install automatically once you hit the install button.

Can I connect headphones to Mi Box 4K?

Mi Box 4K comes with an external Audio port wherein you can connect your wired headphones as well as external speakers. Additionally using the built-in Bluetooth, you can also connect your Bluetooth earphones or Bluetooth earbuds.

Can I use my existing HDMI cable to connect Mi Box 4K?

Yes. you can use your existing HDMI cable to connect the Mi Box 4K to your TV. Xiaomi is also bundling a quality HDMI cable in the box.

Can use Mi Box 4K without WiFi?

Yes, You can use Mi Box 4K without WiFi but with very limited functionality. An active internet connection is needed to download apps from Google Play store and also stream videos from OTT apps.

Do I need my smartphone to download Apps and Games on Mi Box 4K?

No. Mi Box 4K runs on Android TV OS and has its own app store. So you can install the apps and directly on the box itself using the provided remote. Also, it is not possible to install apps on the Mi Box 4K using your phone.

What is the Data Saver and how does it work on Mi box 4K?

Data Saver is the feature of Android TV OS. According to Google, once enabled, the feature reduces your usage on mobile connections and increases watch time by up to 3x. This feature applies only to Mobile Data. Once you connect the Mi Box 4K to a Mobile Hotspot, you can Turn On or Off the feature. There is also a data counter wherein you’ll get the alert once the predefined data level is reached.

Can I use my TV remote to control Mi Box 4K?

No. You can’t use your TV remote to control the Mi Box 4K. You’ll have to use the supplied remote.

Can I extend the Mi Box 4K storage?

Yes. You can. Mi Box 4K comes with 8GB of internal storage and you can extend the storage if needed using an external USB drive. Once you connect the USB drive to Mi Box 4K, you’ll get an option ‘Set up as device storage’. Once done, you can migrate the data stored in the internal storage to the external drive.

Does Mi Box 4K support Dolby Vision?

No. Mi Box 4K doesn’t support Dolby Vision.

Does Mi Box 4K support Apple TV app?

No. The Mi Box 4K doesn’t support the Apple TV app.

Does Mi Box 4K support 5.1 channel speakers?

Yes. Mi Box 4K supports 5.1 speakers.

Can I connect a wired mouse to the Mi Box 4K?

Yes. you can connect external wired USB Mouse as well as Keyboard to Mi Box 4K. I tested the Mi Box 4K with entry-level Logitech Wired Mouse and it works absolutely fine. You can see the ‘Black Mouse Pointer’ on the above image.

Can i sideload apps on Mi Box 4K?

Yes. You can sideload apps on Mi Box 4K. Simply copy the downloaded compatible APK to your USB drive and connect the USB drive to Mi Box 4K. Now, open the APK file and install it.

Can I use Mi Box 4K with mobile hotspot?

Yes. you can use the Mi Box 4K with mobile hotspot or any WiFi dongles.

Can I install the Google Chrome browser on Mi Box 4K?

Yes. You can install Google Chrome on Mi Box 4K. Chrome app is not officially available on Google Play Store. So download it from any trusted source and side load it on the Mi Box 4K.

Can I Play Pubg Mobile on Mi Box 4K?

Official PUBG Mobile game is not available on Google Play Store on Mi Box 4K. But, you can play PUBG Mobile by mirroring your smartphone screen to the TV.


    • Make sure the Mi Box 4K and your phone both are connected to the same WiFi network to turn on the screen mirroring. You can directly connect the USB drive to the Mi Box 4K.

  1. My mi box 4k
    1. don’t have option for data saver even connected to mobile hotspot

    2. Couldn’t see 4k resolution on display settings it’s show upto 1080p but my tv support 4k resolution

    Can u please answer the above queries..

    Shankar Reddy

  2. Out for nowhere my mibox 4K can’t find the WiFi. My phone, tv and pc can see it and connect it right away. I reset it and nothing. Everything looks normal with the router. Any suggestions ?

  3. Mi box 4k runs on Android TV 9. No upgradation is available afterwards. Is it not a operating problem after some years.

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