Lost Windows Recovery Media? Here is the Best Solution

Nowadays, the majority of Laptops / Desktops comes with recovery partitions or recovery media where it contains your laptop’s operating system files. These are used to restore or repair your operating system. Below is the tutorial which will guide you to install the Genuine Windows 10 operating system without the help of recovery media.

What all included in the recovery media/partition?

1. Genuine Windows OS (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)
2. System drivers (Display, Sound etc.)
3 3rd party apps/services by OEM. It differs from OEM to OEM. Generally, It includes Games, Antivirus Software, Video/Photo editing software etc.

You may lose your recovery media in following cases.

1. Hard drive failure or crash.
2. Unreadable recovery media such as CD/DVD due to scratches etc.
3. When you replace your hard drive with higher capacity one.
So these are the major cases where you may lose your recovery media. In such situations, the simple possible way is to order a new recovery media from your OEM. The cost of the recovery media depends on the OEM.

You can completely save this money. As your system is running on genuine windows, you can download the official ISO from Microsoft website. You can use the media creation tool to create installation media with a USB flash drive or a DVD.

Things to consider before downloading / Installing official OS.

1. If your system is running on 32-Bit, then you have to download 32-bit edition.
2. If your system is running on 64-bit, then download 64-bit edition. Although you can install 32-bit issues might arise during driver installation. (Refer this link to determine whether your system is running a 32-bit version or 64-bit version.)
3. Windows edition is very important. For example, you cannot install windows 10 professional if your system is running on Windows 7 Home premium. Refer this link to select the appropriate language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit).

Windows Activation Process

Digital entitlement is a new method of activation in Windows 10 that doesn’t require you to enter a product key. When you install OS windows will get activated automatically. (Internet connection is required). Still, if you have any issues, contact Microsoft support. They will help you out in activating windows within a couple of minutes.

What issues might come after installing OS?

1. Drivers: When you reinstall OS on your laptop with recovery media, all the drivers will get installed automatically. When you install using original ISO, you may need to install your driver manually. (Most of the drivers will get installed automatically during OS installation and some may installed during windows update). You can check your OEM’s support or download section to download drivers.

2. You will not get any 3rd party software’s which are provided by your OEM. You may need to download it from their respective websites.

The major advantage of installing official ISO wherein you can get rid of all the bloatware, which not only saves memory consumption also saves a lot of hard drive space. You can easily observe the improvement in system performance and speed. This method only works if your system is running on the genuine Windows operating system.

That’s a wrap. If you already have the official ISO, You can use this method to create bootable media. Drop your queries in the comments if you need any help.


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