Koo Launches Multi-lingual Kooing (MLK) to Empower Users to Share Their Thoughts and Opinions in a Native Language

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Indian microblogging and social networking service Koo recently announced a new feature called Multi-lingual Kooing (MLK) to empower users to share their thoughts and opinions in a native language. MLK allows users to easily communicate in their native language and reach out to a wider audience on the platform. The Multi-lingual Koo supports ten languages – Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, and English.


The Multi-lingual Koo (MLK) supports real-time language translations and helps you reach users of multiple languages. Creators who type in one language have the freedom to get their text translated into either two, or all the other nine languages. A Bengali speaker might leverage MLK for translations to Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada to connect with audiences in the South.

Likewise, native speakers from other regions have the freedom to choose with whom to engage, irrespective of the language. According to Koo, MLK, which drives approximately 30 percent of the conversations on Koo, is actively used by several eminent personalities (like Sehrawat) to interact with the masses in their mother tongue and accumulate followers.

How to use MLK?

  • Open the Koo app and click on the ‘+‘ icon.
  • Type your opinion. Once you type it will automatically get translated to other languages. You can also add and remove languages right from the post window.
  • Preview your post.
  • Click on Post.
  • That’s it, your post is now posted in MLK.
Multi-lingual Koo

A key driver of inclusion, MLK empowers creators and users to build and consume content in their mother tongue. By a mere click, content posted in one language gets translated into all the other nine languages that Koo presently offers. Since MLK is backed by robust language technologies, the translation retains the core meaning and sentiment attached to the original message,” the brand said in a media release.

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