How to Create Bootable USB Drive to Install Operating System ?

Gone are the days when people used to rely on CD’s and DVD’s to install an operating system. Even though the process was simple, it had several disadvantages such as readability issues, lower speed etc. Nowadays USB flash drives are very popular and are widely used everywhere. The best and the fastest way to install an operating system is by using a bootable USB drive. This method is way faster when compared to compact discs.

There are many methods available to create a bootable media. Rufus software is the easiest way to create bootable USB driveThis is a free tool available to download from its official website.Follow the below tutorial to create bootable USB.

What all you need to create a Bootable USB?

1. USB flash drive
2. Bootable operating system ISO
3. Rufus software to create bootable USB

1. Download and Install Rufus.


2. Connect the USB drive to the USB port.
Note: This tool formats the USB drive so all the data in the drive will be lost. Backup the data if any.


3. Open Rufus and select the USB drive and ISO file. Keep rest all the settings same as shown in below image. You can Download the official Windows OS ISO from here.

Bootable USB

4. Click on Start to begin the process. It may take up to 15mins.

This completes the creation of bootable USB drive. Now you can plug the drive into the PC / laptop on which you want to install the operating system.

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