GOQii Unveils Fitness Tracker 3.0, Smart Preventive Family Healthcare Plan

GOQii has introduced a new Smart Preventive Health Care plans and also a new fitness tracker at an event held in New Delhi. The new Fitness Tracker 3.0 is sleeker, slimmer and equipped with a multi-touch color display and a new sensor with heart rate variability (HRV). This tracker also supports a networking feature called Presence Plus that detects other nearby GOQii users and lets you add them as friends on the app.

GOQii Fitness Tracker 3

Along with the new fitness tracker, GOQii has also introduced Smart Preventive Family Healthcare Plan that tracks and takes care of the family’s health with consultations by GOQii care team consisting of GOQii Coach, GOQii Doctors, and GOQii health experts. Check out all the benefits below.

GOQii Ecosystem

Health Insurance – Smart preventive health packages come integrated with insurance plans where you can avail preferred premium rates based on your needs.

Health Store – Provides various offers on health-related products and services in partnerships with various providers. It includes healthy snacks, health food delivery brands, health supplements, online pharmacy, diagnostics, genetic testing, gym, and accessories.

Games4Good – Series of puzzle-based games built into the GOQii app that helps players exercise their mind and prevent brain disorders and improve their memory, cognitive powers, and overall mental health.

GOQii Arena – It is a social feature allows you to make new friends and share your fitness stories each other.

Insurance Rewards – These rewards are fulfilled by GOQii’s insurance partners and available to all the users who are subscribed to integrated GOQii insurance packages.

Axis Active Reward – Axis active users will be awarded 500 eDGE reward points for completing 70,000 steps a week.

GOQii Cash – Its a virtual reward program awarded for completing weekly steps targets and other health goals. It can be used to purchase various services and product in the GOQii Health marketplace.

The new GOQii 3.0 tracker will be available from January 2018. Existing GOQii players can also upgrade to the new tracker for an additional fee. GOQii Family health plans will start at ₹1,999 for 3 months, ₹3,499 for 6 months and ₹4,999 for 12 months. The portion of the subscription fee is also eligible for Tax Savings under Section 80D.

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