Google Home Mini – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Google Home Mini is now officially available in India and here are the few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to clarify your doubts. If you have any issues with the Home Mini setup, follow this link for step by step instructions.

Google Home Mini
1 What is Google Home Mini?

Google Home mini is tiny smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant that can be used to Play your favorite music, Create your Calender entries, Set Alarm, Get updates on Weather, Traffic etc.

2 How to setup Google Home Mini?

Please check out this link to set up your Google Home Mini with step by step instructions.

3 Does a Google Home Mini purchase in the U.S. work in India?

Yes. It does work in India. But, there are few country-specific features which will not work in India such as Voice Calling etc.

4 How to update Home Mini firmware?

In Google Home Mini, firmware updates are Automatic. Your Home Mini will be updated to the latest firmware automatically. No manual actions needed.

5 How to Check the Home Mini firmware version?
  • Open the Google Home app
  • Click on the Devices icon in the top right of the Home Screen
  • On your device listing, Tap on the Menu icon and select Settings
  • Scroll down to bottom and check for Cast Firmware Version

The version mentioned in front of the Cast Firmware Version is the current firmware of your Home Mini. Check out this link to find the latest firmware available for Google Home devices.

6 My Home Mini is running on the Old Firmware. How can I update it to the latest version?

If your Home Mini is purchased in the U.S. or other countries and if you are using it in India, Home Mini will not be updated to the latest available firmware. You need to change your Smartphone’s language (System Language) to English U.S. from English India. To force the firmware update,

  • Go to your smartphone’s Settings
  • Select System -> Language and Input
  • Tap on Languages -> Change the language to English U.S.

Once you change the language to English U.S., Restart the Home Mini and Force Stop the Google Home app or restart your phone. Now, the Homi Mini will receive the latest firmware update automatically. Please make a note that, Settings for changing system language is slightly different for different Android Versions. So find similar options on your Smartphone.

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7 Can I make Voice calls using Home Mini in India?

No. you will not be able to make calls using the Home Mini. This features currently available only in very few countries such as U.S., U.K. etc.

8 Can I use Home Mini without a smartphone?

No. Google Home app is needed to set up your Home Mini. Once you’re done with the setup, you can use the Home Mini without the help of a smartphone. But, still, if you would like to change the Mini settings such as Pairing your Bluetooth speaker, Switching to Night mode etc. has to be done using the Home app. So always keep the Google Home app on your smartphone.

9 Can I play the Music stored in my phone’s internal storage on Home Mini?

Yes. You can play the locally stored music through Home Mini. To do so,

  • Turn ON your Phone’s Bluetooth
  • Open Google Home app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the Devices icon from the top left of the Home screen
  • On your device listing, Tap on the Menu icon and select Settings
  • Scroll down and select Paired Bluetooth Devices
  • Tap on Enable Pairing Mode
  • Now, Open your Phone’s Bluetooth Settings
  • Select your Home Mini and Tap on Pair
  • That’s it. Now, you’ll see the status as Connected
  • Now, if you play any Media on your smartphone, it will be outputted through the Home Mini
10 How to change Home Mini’s volume using my phone?
  • Play some music on Home Mini
  • Open Google Home app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the Devices icon on the top left of the Home screen
  • Tap on the Thumbnail of the Song or Select your Home Mini
  • Now using the Media control page, you can Play, Pause, or Change volume levels
11 How can I link my Netflix account to Google Home Mini?
  • Open the Google Home app
  • Click on the Devices icon from the top right of the Home Screen
  • On your device listing, Tap on the Menu icon and select Settings
  • Select More
  • Scroll down and select Video and Photos
  • Tap on Link just below the Netflix listing
  • Sign into your Netflix account by following the on-screen instructions
Connect Netflix to Google
12 How to connect Home Mini to Bluetooth speakers?
  • Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and set it to pairing mode
  • Open the Google Home App on your smartphone
  • Tap on the Devices icon at the top right of the home screen
  • Tap on the Menu and select Settings
  • Select the option Default Music Speaker
  • Tap on the Pair Bluetooth Speaker. It will start scanning the nearby Bluetooth speakers
  • Select your Bluetooth Speaker (Altec Orbit is the name of my Bluetooth speaker)
  • Tap on Done. Now the Music will be outputted from your Bluetooth speaker
  • If you would like to switch the Music output to your Home Mini, In the Default Music Speaker, Select your Google Home Mini as the default speaker and select Done

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Article last updated on 11th April 2017


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