Now You Can Send a Video Message Using Google Duo

Google has started rolling out Video Message feature to its popular one-to-one Video calling app Duo. You can leave a video or voice message on Google Duo when the person you are calling can’t pick up the call. You can record up to 30 seconds of a video or a voice message. As per Google, same as video calls, video and voice messages are also secured with end-to-end encryption. The video or voice message received by someone can be opened by tapping on their icon.

Google Duo Video Messages

Google has also provided a Call Now button that will help you to call the person after watching the video message without switching to the home screen. The Video messages automatically disappear within a day after you first watch them, but you can save those videos to the phone by tapping the Download icon. If you don’t want the video then simply tap on the Trash icon to delete the video. This feature has started rolling out today and will be live worldwide over the next several days. You need the latest version of Google Duo to leave or receive the voice and video messages. Make sure you have the updated version Google Duo installed on your smartphone (Android | iOS).

How to send a video or voice message on Duo

  • Open Google Duo on your smartphone
  • Tap a name to call
  • While the call is ringing, tap on Leave video message or Leave a voice message
  • After the 3-second countdown, record your message
  • Tap Stop to complete the recording. You can also Preview the message by tapping the Play button. If you want to Rerecord the video, Tap on the Rerecord button
  • Tap on Send icon to send the message

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