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CamScanner Introduces Several New Features in the Latest Update: Image to Spreadsheet, Search & Translate and more

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Popular document management app CamScanner introduces a bouquet of new features such as Image to Spreadsheet, Search and Translate, etc. to expedite the Digital Journey of Indian Users. The newly introduced features will be immediately available for VIP Account users. The VIP Account holders can also sync documents to free 10 GB cloud space and access their high-quality scans in real-time. Check out the new feature in detail below.

Cam Scanner Hero1

New CamScanner Features

  • Image to Spreadsheet – Take a photo of the paper and instantly convert it to a spreadsheet.
  • Book to e-book – Users can easily click and scan a book. Upon taking the image, the left and right pages will be split automatically, to provide the experience of an e-book. The bent text will also be corrected for clarity.
  • Scan the Powerpoint presentations – Scan the presentations with extreme clarity and also the edges are chiseled automatically without manual focus.
  • Print your certificates – Scan certificates and attain the print-ready view, creasing out the bent text, etc.
  • Search and translate- Smart optical character recognition (OCR) lets you search any text from the scanned documents and translate it into more than 60 languages.

In addition to several new features, the new update to the CamScanner app also brings several new safety and security layers to ensure that users have full control over their documents all the time. According to the company, the CamScanner has been installed on over 370 million devices across more than 200 countries and also receives more than 50,000 subscribers every day. The CamScanner is available to download on Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore for free.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Miller, Marketing Director, CamScanner said, “CamScanner always strives to provide a world-class, smart document management solution. As India embarks on a steep digital curve, CamScanner ensures that people have a simple, seamless mobile scanner solution which instantly digitizes their documents, sync across multiple devices, and collaborates by sharing with others on popular communication platforms. I am certain that the new features will expedite the digital journey of our Indian subscribers.”

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  1. Camscanner has several good features. These features will be immediately available for VIP Account users, who will also get free 10 GB cloud space for scans. From now on users will be able to photo of a paper and instantly convert it to a spreadsheet, they can also easily click and scan a book.

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